106 in Redding (feels like 92 :)

“Without change, something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken.” Frank Herbert

Continuing our trip back from Alabama took about 6 days… a long time to be on the road, but provided lots of good podcast listening on Spotify and conversation for us.  Favorites are: WSJ Tech new briefing, Mike Rowe “How I heard it”, Freakonomics, WSJ Your Money Briefing, and “Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know”.  It always amazes me how vast and open our country is…

We pushed hard on Wednesday, leaving early and making about 630 miles in one day, in order to arrive at Winnemucca Nevada… one of our favorite campsites with beautiful views and a great restaurant next door.  The lows were in the 50’s at night and the cool air felt great after the week of heat and humidity in Alabama. Only 340 miles to go on Thursday to arrive back in Redding. 

Arriving in Redding and being around Ben and Bethany again has been a welcome relief.  We will be here for only about a month until we head over to much cooler Australia to see Emily and David.  Seeing the house again and enjoying the gardens and fruit trees is always something we look forward to.  The cherry trees are bare of cherries… but oranges, peaches, figs, walnuts, grapes and plums will be ripe soon.  

One of my favorite places & views is sitting in the back courtyard and looking at the barn. 

While we were gone Ben came across a nice house in the Garden District he is interested in remodeling.  He was able to put a contract on it at a good price & we enjoyed seeing it and getting a better feel for what he wants to do with the house.  It needs a lot of TLC but seems to have good bones and be in a great area.  We have been running the numbers to compare remodeling costs and potential rental income.  Despite having a lot of remodeling experience ourselves, we are very unfamiliar with hiring subcontractors to do all the work… increasing costs as well as the impact on resale value. A good business exercise for sure.  Ben should be making a decision soon if it is something he wants to pursue.

One of my first tasks upon getting back was to go to the Redding Pedego Store and order an electric bike.  This was my “Thank you Mr. President” gift to myself.  Cindy and I had this idea while traveling and seeing our investment portfolio continue to do very well… to give each of the kids a “Trump Gift” of $5k each.  It puzzles us to see the media delight in focusing on any negative news, while completely being silent about the great things happening for our economy nationwide.  In our own small way, we wanted to at least let our family know we are grateful for wiser leadership in Washington. Electric bikes are really versatile, and I’m looking forward to exploring areas that previously were too difficult for me on a regular bike.  Hoping Cindy will also enjoy the adventure and also get one, but I don’t want to force my ideas of fun on her.  

Not uncommon for this time of year are lots of fires due to the dry grass everywhere.  A big one sprang up just West of the city today…

Great to be back at Bethel Church for the 10:30 service today.  Too long gone from meaningful worship and community.  Bill Johnson talked about not being distracted from what we were created to do by the “chatter” on social media.  A good word for me to hear at this time as I tend to spend too much time reading Twitter feed news.

This week we will continue to settle back into our “house” routine and try to decide whether to put the RV back on the market for sale.  Picking up the new electric bike on Wednesday and then Ben and Bethany’s engagement party is on Saturday.  Should be a great week.



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