Family time in Boerne

“Your creativity starts with whether you are curious, or not”. Frank Gehry.

Sometimes when events and days fly by so quickly the best way to review what happened is to go back and look at my photos.  Each day I try to take a photo of something beautiful and interesting.  Some days that is a quiet martini at the RV site with Cindy, and some days that is family and friends laughing together.  Each moment is a treasure to be remembered and when possible… preserved. 

After arriving back in Boerne we spent the week getting ready for Cindy’s brother coming to visit from Dubai and his family from England.  Also spent a lot of time and effort trying to save some of the trees around the BBRV property from being killed by ball moss.  The solution is to spray the three limbs with a solution of 30% baking soda which kills the ball moss, but not the tree.  Many limbs were cut away, and many techniques for spraying were tried.  Ultimately hooking the power washer up to a water tank and spraying about 30′ up in the air seemed to be the best technique.  Using scaffolding in the back of the truck for access to high up branches was also helpful. 

Meanwhile, it has been fun to watch the progress of the fully enclosed storage spaces. Seeing how well the facility is doing makes me much more interested/curious about building one in Redding. Here is a short video showing progress (made while up high trimming trees):

Got to do some sailing with Rich Hartson several times on the Hobie 18 & also enjoy a gathering at their home and pool.  Always good to hang out with our sailing friends…

Cindy’s brother and family arrived late Thursday and we enjoyed hanging out at Nana & Papa’s house to share cold beer, meals and memories.

We dropped the RV off at Texas Coachworks to have the repairs completed and rented an air B&B to share with Ben and Bethany who arrived on Thursday.  They are here to to share in the family visit and we got to visit some great local restaurants while spending time with Christine and Michael’s daughter Constance. 

The big event was Saturday, Nana & Pop’s 67th wedding anniversary which we celebrated at their home.  Nana demonstrated the secret to a long marriage… 

Christine’s birthday was the next day and we were able to roll a couple of celebrations together!

For those who don’t have big families it can be overwhelming at times.  Here is a post dinner video of the activity around the home:

Pop loves to tell his stories and Ben, Jimmy, Christine and Michael sat down to hear more after dinner: 

Jimmy headed back to Dubai today and we saw him off from the house.  Rough time for Nana & Pop as each time they say goodbye could be the last (true for all of us I guess).  Ben & Bethany go out for a special dinner tonight… and the plan is to take bud James sailing tomorrow afternoon.  Should be a great day!

Hope to pick up the RV on the 6th, stay for Nathan’s graduation party on the 9th, and then drive up to Red Bay Alabama to the Tiffin factory for some repairs before heading back to California.  On the road again & looking forward to it.

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