Family, Funeral, Future?

“It took us a long time to frame the question correctly. But once we framed the question correctly the answer flowed” (Elon Musk talking about BFR design)

It has been a difficult yet good few weeks.  Cindy’s dad was able to come home on hospice care on Monday the 10th.  On Saturday the 15th around 6:45pm he passed with his wife Mary and his 2 daughters by his side.  His son Jimmy who lives in Dubai was able to come home right away and and it has been good to have him here to spend time with his mom.

Jim accomplished many things in life, but 67 years of marriage to Mary may be his finest. 

Prolonged sickness and death seems such an undignified a way to exit this world.  We are experiencing many emotions as expected, but especially relief that Pop and the family are no longer fighting that battle.  I have a different perspective as I grow older myself and think of those who have passed more swiftly from this life.

Lots of loving family around Mary (Nana)… the way it should be. 
Cindy and Emily found us a nice home in Fair Oaks which has been a perfect place the family to gather with enough room for different conversations and relaxation.
It has been raining almost every day for the past 3 weeks.  Waking up to early morning sun and rain on the ground here at Boerne Boat and RV.

Always good to catch up with my brother Jon.  So much in common to talk about and the future to look forward to. 
Spending time with family… here at my sister Debbie’s home with Cindy and my mom.  Mom is still pleasant company and in good physical health.  Grateful for family members (Kevin, Carol & Jessica) who take such loving care of her. 

So now what does the future hold for all of us?  Jim’s passing has changed many things.  Mary has a women’s bible study group with a 20 year history here in Fair Oaks. Many other widows in the group will be able to encourage and help her through this difficult time better than we ever could.  We hope to see her travel to CA for Ben’s birthday and Thanksgiving with us.  Taking it one day at a time.  Cindy and I have much to digest and plans to reevaluate.  Elon Musk’s comment (“…once we framed the question correctly the answer flowed”) from the recent BFR conference continues to spin in my mind.  Taking our time to frame our question is the beginning point.   In its broadest terms, Where/how do we now choose to live? Anxious to visit more with Emily and David now that the funeral details are winding down.  Curious times as we shift the options of our Rubik’s cube this way and that… looking for the combination of locations, relationships, geography, adventure, and beauty that makes the most sense.  So grateful that the Father has given us pleasant boundaries, resources & health for this time.  May He now give us great wisdom for the days ahead.  

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