29 years!

“One of the greatest responsibilities and privileges that we have is to find excellence in others”. Bill Johnson on Psalm 16

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Today is our 29th wedding anniversary.  That seems strange to type.  How can that many years have gone by so quickly?  We are so grateful to have been protected and blessed beyond anything we might have imagined.

After we arrived back in Redding from Australia it was a push to get the main house bedrooms and hallways ready for David and Emily who would be arriving on Saturday.  Josh Bailey had scraped the popcorn ceilings in those areas while we were gone, and so early in the week I textured and painted the 2 bedrooms.  Then Josh and I did a marathon day of texturing and painting the hallways & ceilings.  Finished just in time for our family visit, with the smell of paint lingering in the house 🙂

Sunday was a beautiful clear day and we all drove up to the open air skating rink in Mount Shasta City.  A fun time and a great holiday tradition.

While Josh and I were working on Friday, he told me about using CoinBase.com to purchase some digital currency.  This has been something that has peaked my interest and I decided to just “get in the game” with a couple purchases the next day.  Although it was surprisingly challenging to register, deposit and purchase digital currency, I was able to purchase some LiteCoin (at $157) and Bitcoin on Saturday.  Two days later LiteCoin had risen to $351, making us about $7,000 on that investment alone.  Needless to say I was thrilled, but tempered my enthusiasm due to the little “pending” note next to the transaction status.  Sure enough, by Wednesday I received an email from CoinBase that the purchases had been rejected… very frustrating to loose that “potential” profit.  However, by then I was fascinated and spent considerable amount of time researching, purchasing and exchanging different types of cryptocurrencies over the next 2 weeks.  Bottom line my opinion is: The financial world is shifting beneath our feet, and digital currencies seem to make tremendous sense for the future.  After observing the slow transaction speed and high cost of BitCoin, I’m cautiously optimistic about the future of one particular digital currency called IOTA.  This currency has been developed specifically for micro transactions, and to be the backbone for securing data on The Internet of Things.  Critical advantages are that it is free and scales to billions of transactions per second.  It would be great if our investments in digital currency turned out even better than self storage… but even if not, the idea of helping advance something that will have tremendous positive impact on the future of the world is very exciting.  

As a result of this fascination, many of my recent days have looked like the photo below: researching digital currencies online, on Apple TV, and staying warm in front of the fireplace.

Meanwhile, outside the weather has continued to be spectacular, sunny, cold and very Christmaslike.  Putting up lights, picking fresh oranges and lemons off the trees & burning leaves in the back courtyard. 

Ben, Emily, David & Bethany have decided to road trip back to Texas this coming Monday and do some site seeing on the way.  In preparation for this trip, on Thursday evening we dropped off our Jeep Grand Cherokee at the local dealership to have some service work done.  Friday morning around 9am the service advisor called saying they could not find the car and asking if we had it.  By 1pm the car had been declared stolen and we were busy calling police, insurance, and Chrysler Corp to see if we could track the car by GPS.  The U-connect GPS system was quickly enacted, but some kind of issue with MoPar Corp kept us from being able to view the car location.  We then drove to the dealership where the owner was very apologetic and gracious and stepped up to the plate to get a nice rental SUV the kids could still drive back to Texas.  By Friday evening we were sitting around the dining table having a “couples gingerbread house decorating contest” (great idea Emily!).

Just as we got started Cindy checked her phone to see an email from MoPar (finally!) allowing us to reset the password and engage the GPS locator.  This is what we saw….  The car was parked in a residential area about 15 minutes away.

We immediately called the police and then gave them an updated address where the car had driven to a 7-11 nearby.  Ben drove us to meet them, and to their credit, they had 3 police cars on the site immediately and the car thief already in handcuffs in the back of the cruiser. 

Thankfully the car was undamaged, but just missing all identifying markers and all contents… license plates, tax sticker, inspection sticker, spare tire, bluetooth memory wiped, sweater, sunglasses… etc.  Super frustrating since the Texas related items will take a lot of time to replace.  To add to the frustration and insult, the officers knew the car thief very well, from many arrests for felony car theft for years and years!!!  They even told us that he would be out of jail that evening or the next morning… a virtual slap on the wrist from the State of California.  Why not steal cars if there are no consequences for doing so???

Finally we arrived back at the house that evening, and the decorating contest was in the final stages and the competition fierce!


I’m pretty sure house #2 from the left should be the winner of the competition, right?

And after a crazy two weeks, here we are, Sunday December 17th, 29 years after our wedding day.  Sitting by a fireplace in a warm house with our family and dogs close by.  Life is good… we are incredibly blessed… and the best is still to come.  Thank you Father.

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