A House in the woods

“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born, and the day you find out why.” Mark Twain

One of the biggest events these last 2 weeks was Ben and Bethany closing on their new home! It is a fixer upper with a killer location backing up to the McConnell foundation trail system. We are excited to see B&B begin their new life together and to have a great place to start building memories.

Loved having B&B’s friends over to celebrate Brant’s birthday. Had a break in the rain and it was perfect for an outdoor fire and celebration.
Cindy and I enjoyed going down to the San Francisco area (Redwood City) for a few days to stay onboard a catamaran for sale (Indigo Blue, Lagoon 450S). Great marina & quiet city with plenty of restaurants and shops nearby.
It was so nice to be on the water again. I have missed the views of so much uninterrupted sky, water, sunsets, wildlife …etc.
We liked the spaciousness of the boat & entertaining areas, but the master sleeping area seemed a bit cramped for Cindy.
While in the area we also looked at some motorhomes at a large RV show. Got to see a lot of different options in a short period of time, but nothing that really made us want to make an offer yet. With the wedding coming soon and B&B’s house purchase, we will probably sit tight for a few months.
I loved this photo of President Trump hosting a college football team at the White House. Since the government was “shut down” he paid for a bunch of fast food for the players. Of course, the mainstream media did their best to make him look bad. Give the guy a break, will ya?
Had a few sunny days between the rain & we always love to have brunch or dinner together to catch up and celebrate life.

This week I’ll look forward to working with Ben on some of the new house priorities. He and Beth got a great start on demolition already & electricity is supposed to be hooked up Monday. Will be a fun week working along side my son and new daughter!

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