A Texas Family Christmas

“All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible…” – T. E. Lawrence

Flew back to Texas this time instead of driving the motorhome, due in part to the motorhome being up for sale, but also we wanted to get used to flying since that was likely to be how we travel in the future.

The day after we arrived in Boerne Texas, my brother Jon was pouring concrete for a huge expansion (70,000 s.f.) at Boerne Boat and RV where our family is heavily invested.  I’m really proud of Jon for taking this huge risk and seeing it take off and do so well.

It’s always fun to watch this stage of the construction & the hectic activity going on…

We love being back around family & friends & its great to look at these photos and realize how strong of a family and community we have around us.  Dinner below on the riverwalk with Glen and Karen Daniel who had purchased a Tesla Model X that same day as a Christmas present for Karen.  Glen was on the way to purchase a Land Rover when he called me and I asked him if he had also looked at Tesla… next thing you know he is a Tesla owner!

Always good to see my Mom, especially now that my niece Jessica has been helping her Mom and Dad take care of her.  Seems like the best possible scenario for this point in time in Mom’s life.

David, Emily, Ben and Bethany hanging out and visiting with us too!

John and Darla Stone let us use their home again to stay in Fair Oaks, nearby Cindy’s parents, and a central hub to other family & friends.  So nice to have a quiet place to retreat to and a separate kitchen for the kids as well.

Emily continues her love for wrapping presents & I’m so grateful to have her help!

Walking around in downtown Boerne and seeing the familiar sights and people.  Good to be back home.

My family typically gathers together to celebrate Christmas Eve and this year we gathered at Debbie and Leif’s home.  Always fun to catch up with each other and see so many relatives (25 or so of us I think this year).  Debbie and Chris knocked it out of the park with some amazing Beef Bourgeon!

For those who may not have large families, this can seem a bit overwhelming!

Visiting Troy and Charity’s new home & Ben and Beth playing with Landon…

Christmas day is typically celebrated in the morning at Cindy’s parents home, with an amazing dinner to follow.


The day after Christmas was something of a relief… after 2 weeks of preparation, travel, and the stolen car, it was nice to take a deep breath and relax for a while.  Reading several books at one time that I received for Christmas, especially enjoying “The Internet of Money” by Andreas Antonopoulos which explains the history and projects the future of digital currencies.  We have continued to invest steadily into 3 different ones and I’m enjoying learning more and more about this foundational shift in the financial world. 

Cindy’s parent’s have been able to relax a little also, but Nana does not sit down for long…

Love this chart from a Twitter post… lots to think about and discuss for sure: 

Went over to Tesla showroom with the kids and looked at the Model X and Model S on display.  Love the tech, and will have to carefully consider the stewardship decision of dropping that much on a rapidly depreciating asset 🙁  The autopilot features are amazing though & it certainly is nice to be a part of the future!

Bethany left on Tuesday to fly to visit family in Pittsburg, then Ben, Emily & David all flew back to Redding & Brisbane on Thursday.  Sad to see them off, but grateful for the many sacrifices they made to spend the holidays together.  Spent the rest of the week catching up on errands, shopping for a car, and looking at possible homes to purchase in the area.  Lots of changes coming in 2018 & we are looking forward to the new challenges for sure.


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