Why Wisdom?

Wise men and women are always learning,
    always listening for fresh insights”  Solomon The Wise, Prov. 18:15

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

We all want to make good decisions… wise decisions.  This blog is about a treasure hunt for a sailboat and the wisdom needed to live a life worth living.  With this in mind, we are always learning, always listening… asking questions in an attempt to fill in the ever increasing gaps of knowledge and experience in our lives.  Sailing & cruising is just one example: there is always something new to learn.  At some point you realize just how little you really do know.  We need LOTS of Wisdom… and we would ask you to share your’s with us.

We are looking for a cruising sailboat and planning to name her “Wisdom Seeker” (shortened to Wisdom for easier identification on the radio).

By actively seeking wisdom, experience & advice from others, we hope to make the adventure of searching, sailing, and exploring as fun as possible.  In essence it will be a treasure hunt… attempting to discover if indeed “wisdom is more valuable than gold or silver”.

Wisdom (a definition in progress):
The God given ability to think and act with knowledge, discretion, understanding and prudence.

Wisdom has always held a fascination for me.
Ever since I was in my young teens I would daily ask God for wisdom… and still do… and need it now more than ever.

Have I really sacrificed much in the search for wisdom?  I wonder if I’m like Adam in The Creation of Adam painting by Michelangelo, where God’s hand is reaching out to man… fully stretched out, and man’s hand is just kind of limply held out… almost apathetic.

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