Always leave them wanting more…

“Always leave them wanting more” P.T. Barnum

We are looking forward to traveling back to Texas in the next few days. At the same time, we are feeling a little sad to be leaving Redding.  This is such a beautiful time of the year with the flowers blooming and perfect weather for outdoor activities.

Today is Easter Sunday and Ben and Bethany had the idea of having family & friends over for an Easter brunch celebration.  Lots of wonderful food to enjoy, while being surrounded by friends and family.  

We were able once again sit around the big farmhouse table that Ben and I built.  The highlight of the week was seeing all 14 of us gather around the table, sharing life and food together.

Flowers blooming on Easter Sunday all around us… spectacular.

Earlier in the week we had our normal Monday dinner with just a small group since Andres and Erica have both been sick.  Andres wound up being sick all week until he finally saw a Doctor on Thursday.  Not a fun way to spend the week & his help with projects was surely missed.

The weather was spectacular all week which made it perfect for getting some outdoor work done.  Sprinkler repairs to get ready for the dry season while we are gone was a high priority. 

Was also a good time to get some tree trimming done & we decided to cut down one of the Japanese (elm?) trees that was getting too big and starting to run roots under the garage slab.  We were surprised how much it opened up the courtyard and made the space feel larger.  

Sometimes at the end of the day I’ll look for “fun” projects to finish out the day and wound up trimming the bushes on the North side of the property.  After finding a few recently emptied bottles of vodka under the overhanging branches, it seemed important to keep the area from inviting unwanted visitors. 

I’ve been looking at getting an electric bike lately to take advantage of all the great trails and parks around Redding.  Saturday I took a long ride on my regular mountain bike since it was just too pretty to stay inside.

As I ride I like to meander and look at places along the way.  Stumbled across this parking lot that had old wagon wheels grown into the trees.  I don’t feel that we are ready to stay in one place that long just yet… so long that we are not able to move even if we wanted to.  As much as we love Redding, it’s time to leave “wanting more” as P.T. Barnum would say, heading East for Texas, more family and friends.  Thank you Father, for the gift of your Risen Son on this beautiful Easter day, and so much more.  The best is always still to come.  

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