Anchored in Boerne TX.

“Mosquitoes kill more people in one day than sharks kill in 100 years” (Bill Gates)

After a great visit with David & Emily they had to fly back to Australia… but not before we stopped at the Amazon truck in the parking lot!  Loved spending time with Ben, Bethany, Emily & David sharing meals, stories and plans for the future.  An exciting year ahead. 

We sometimes refer to the motorhome as our “Land Yacht” because the mobile lifestyle and so many of the systems are similar to a boat.   After about 5 weeks of predominately rainy weather (and mosquitoes), it has begun to feel even more boat-like.  One of my “needs” is to be outdoors and around sunshine… and today I am especially wishing we were back in sunny CA with low humidity.

When it has not been raining it has been a great opportunity to explore the horse/hike trail system that stretches through Fair Oaks.  Lots of great secluded trails… just have to go faster than the mosquitoes!

While exploring a new neighborhood cut out of an old ranch I saw this really unusual old house.  Constructed of vertical cedar posts with clay in between for both exterior and interior walls.  Never seen this before, but similar to a horizontally laid log cabin. 
Love biking and discovering beautiful places and things… like this free lending library in an out of the way park in Fair Oaks. 
Took time on Sunday to visit a couple wineries in Fredricksburg Texas with Jim, Marvilyn, Cindy and Nana.  Good for Nana to get out and see new places and do things she has not been able to for a long time. 
Mind blown about our lack of understanding of Chinese culture and history.  This book attempts to explain China’s very different culture and their resulting strategies toward the US.  In my opinion, a geopolitical earthquake occurred on Wednesday the 4th when Mike Pence spoke at the Hudson Institute about the US concerns with China.
Spending time with family while in Boerne/San Antonio is one of our favorite things… here with Debbie and Leif at their home.  Good stuff.

Good chance that the next blog will be written from Redding CA.  Still trying to decide when to head back, but middle of this month is the rough plan.  Anxious to get back and work with Ben and Bethany to finish up the laundry room and possibly the kitchen at Alta Mesa.  Good things ahead for all of us.  

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