On the road again, TX to CA

“The glory of God is man fully alive.”  -Saint Irenaeus 

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We finished up our trip to Boerne with a few dry days that allowed some exploration outside on the San Antonio River Walk.  There is even a new electric bike store down by the missions trail.
This unique art deco style structure is the outlet to a huge underground water drainage tunnel that has protected downtown San Antonio from flooding on many occasions. Serves a dual purpose as a water storage tank when the riverwalk needs extra. 

San Antonio has really been investing in public spaces and incorporating architectural art like these beautiful arched structures and SARIP river improvements teaching center.
Discovered some new trails under construction down by the Rim shopping district at 1604/I-10.  Looks like they are going to be really nice paved trails linking to the existing trail system inside loop 1604.
Cindy was really working hard to help her mother sort and organize things around the house, including making a curtain for her laundry room door.  
Had another great visit with my sister Debbie as we spent some time with my Mom.  Taking her out of her home routine becomes more and more of a challenge. 
Love this photo. 
Emily and David helped us buy a 2nd electric bike to keep in Brisbane and it has been fun to see them riding and exploring!
Back home in Redding after our typical 4 day 1,800 mile trip.  Love seeing the roses blooming and the yards green and beautiful.
Of course the best part of being back in Redding is seeing Ben (and now Bethany!).  His dog had a litter of Golden Doodle puppies (8) and he has them all sold already.  Fun to watch them play and romp in the yards.  
Especially impressed with Ben’s art/construction of this light fixture while we were gone.  Love this look.  
First thing after unloading the trailer on Tuesday was to go for a bike ride and enjoy the sun and outdoors.  Here on the bridge overlooking the Sacramento river.  Beautiful.
Stopped by the Pedego store in Redding to say hello & wound up buying a mirror, bike panniers and pannier rack!  Both have been super nice to have… the mirror especially adds an element of safety while riding.  
Working through my bedside reading collection.  Started a new book about Leonardo Da Vinci that is really interesting.  Also just finished “Killing the SS” by Bill O’Riley, a very good read. 
Lots of public art in the Redding Area.  Thinking a bicycle “Art Ride” might be a fun thing to put together. 
Pedego Redding offers a Saturday group ride.  We wound up riding about 35 miles up to Shasta Dam and back.  A great workout and a chance to meet some new friends. 
The main reason we came back was to be here for Ben’s 26th birthday celebration.  We love being together with our family and friends.  The weather was perfect for this outdoor celebration of Ben and Aaron Palmer’s birthdays.  

Monday we start remodeling again on the Alta Mesa house.  This time to update the hall bathroom, hopefully in time for Thanksgiving.  Will be good to have a project to throw myself into.  Grateful for the health, resources, and a patient wife to be able to do something like this.

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