Beautiful Brisbane AU

“Live the full life of the mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of the unusual.” – Ernest Hemingway

Good to be back in beautiful Brisbane this week.  Enjoying wintertime here with cool evenings and mild temps in the afternoons (mid 70’s).  Loving spending time with Emily & David and our fur-grandchildren Nicko and June.  

Lots of great breakfast and coffee spots on the Gold Coast.

Stock market has been amazing over the last few weeks.  There have been many days of ups and downs, but on average we have been earning well over 15% so far.  We are grateful for wise leadership in the White House that understands what it takes to make American businesses successful (lower taxes and less bureaucracy).  

It has been strange to be away from Redding CA while so many of our community have lost so much.  Grateful that so many of the charitable organizations and ministries have surrounded the city with support.  The smoke had been diminishing in Redding, but new fires to North seem to be making things difficult again.  It was odd to step off the plane here in Brisbane and see blue skies.

After a few days of rest and catching up with family, we all went up to Arlie Beach (Air-lee) to see some new areas of Australia and enjoy slightly warmer temperatures (mid 80’s).  Beautiful city and beaches with a laid back vibe.  Lots of sailboats at anchor in the protected harbor and a large sailboat race week going on as well. 

Race day in Arlie Beach with over 100 sailboats participating…

We did a little sailing of our own on a small (35′) private boat with Captain Dale, sailing from Airlie beach to Hook Island Narrows Inlet.  The wind was up pretty good (25-35 knots) and we made good time across the Cook channel.  Got to share the day with an AU family on holiday (Doug, Amanda and Charlotte) and hear about their experiences growing up in the area… very nice folks.  Emily and David did a bit of snorkeling (first time for David) and then we all had an amazing lunch and hiked up to see some caves with Aboriginal art on the walls.  A great day and good to be sailing again.  

Doug at the helm in 30 knots wind. 
The lunch was the highlight of the trip… chef prepared and very good. 
One of my happy places… outdoors with a view of the water, and a beer!
Happy hour at Sorento’s in Airlie Beach with my girl 
A gorgeous anchorage in the Narrows inlet of Hook Island
The new electric bike (Croozer) parked under a Banyon tree on a beautiful Sunday morning ride. 

Right before we left for the Whitsunday Islands I purchased another Electric mountain bike to explore Brisbane with. I had another mountain bike already here, but the difference in the “glide” versus “ride” on an electric bike was just too much to resist.  After test riding a Trek with David I went to see a less attractive model called a “Croozer” that had the throttle feature that I use so much (no pedaling).  This one does not have the sleek integrated battery like the Pedego Ridge rider, nor the very smooth pedal interface, but I really like the ruggedness of the design, and the price (about 1/2 of what the Pedego cost in CA).   Electric bikes have spoiled me from riding a regular bike I think.  Next is an electric car!

This coming week we plan to spend a couple days with Emily & David here at their home, then drive up to Mooloolooba or Noosa Heads for another week on the coast.  Seems like the perfect time of the year to be here… very comfortable temps and not high season for tourists. 

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