Fall beauty in Redding

“Serving creates community”, Candace Johnson

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Fall is our favorite season here in Redding… amazing colors and perfect temperatures to enjoy being outdoors.   The beauty has been dampened by the major fires that sprung up with high winds… causing the nearby town of Paradise to be completely destroyed, and Malibu to also have heavy damage.
Loved seeing our friends Larry and Ginny Nail from Texas, here visiting their daughter.  Perfect weather for outside dining (with a propane heater after dark!) 
Larry joined me for an electric bike ride over the Sundial Bridge. 
Cindy and I are continuing to get used to riding the electric bikes together… using the Sena helmets with intercom between the 2 makes it a lot more fun.  Cindy took a spill on her bike last week as she was still getting used to the gears.  Nothing broken thank God, but lots of bruises. 
Ben’s puppies started going home with their new owners this week.  Bittersweet to see them go, but fun to see the father figure come out in my son. 
Continuing to make new electric bike friends through the group rides with Pedego Redding.  Lots of fun on Saturday mornings. 
Harvest festival at the local Mosely Cellars… beautiful wines & people. 
Roses now coming out in full bloom with the sun and cooler temperatures.  
Veteran’s Day weekend and a time to honor those who have made our freedom possible.  May God continue to bless our country with wise leadership and protection from all who would cause us harm.  

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