Boat Life/Busy Life

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear” George Addair

4 weeks have flown by since our last blog. Waking up each morning with an urgent ToDo list and/or a destination to navigate to. Cindy arrived June 4th and we both jumped into preparation for our East Coast adventures… making the boat more comfortable and continuing to learn about Marco Polo’s systems and where to store things.

Took Cindy out for her first sail on Marco Polo, up the Wando River for a short overnight stay. Arrived and started up the generator for air conditioning… and it promptly stopped working. Welcome to boat life.
First dinner aboard, a little warmer than preferred, but thankfully we had a good breeze.

After spending a little over a week onboard, we decided to head on out of Charleston and up the Intercoastal waterway. Even though the generator was still not working and the forward head was also on the fritz, we felt we needed to get going, and that we would figure it out as we went.

Our first marina stop on the ICW was Georgetown. A really scenic marina and waterfront town with some of the oldest homes in the US (many built in the 1730’s!)
Some really good restraurants in Georgetown also, River Room, Big Tuna, Rollin Local were a few of our favorites. While in Georgetown we were able to get the generator running again, which was a major relief.
The Georgetown harbor was small enough that the shrimp trawling fleet was just right next door.

After leaving Georgetown, we stopped at Myrtle Beach for a couple nights to continue to get the boat ready for Jim and Marvilyn’s arrival. Also had time to go see “The Pirate’s Voyage” show (a Dolly Parton company) which was more oriented toward children, but a fun evening. While there we had items we needed shipped ahead to Southport where we were meeting Jim and Marvilyn. Great to have them join us & I was able to get the forward head working with the new part (and some hacksaw work :). That was a huge relief since most of the items were fairly critical. Now that those items were behind me, it was time to focus on enjoying the boat and time ashore.

Jim and Marvilyn (Cindy’s sister) joined us in Southport to continue the adventure up the ICW. Really grateful to have the extra hands on board and the company to keep things interesting!
Very nice marina here in Wilmington with unobstructed views of the water (and plenty of wakes!) Staying here for a total of 3 nights gave lots of time for continuing to clean and organize the boat. Relaxing here on Sunday while some thunderstorms clear the area, then headed to Southport to pick up the car, and Bald Head Island for a night.