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“Order is a lovely nymph, the child of Beauty and Wisdom; her attendants are Comfort, Neatness, and Activity; her abode is the valley of happiness: she is always to be found when sought for, and never appears so lovely as when contrasted with her opponent, Disorder”  Samuel Johnson

Sunday, 44 degrees, raining, wind 0-5 mph

A cold and rainy day here in Redding CA.  We had a beautiful snowfall yesterday morning, covering trees and fields (and the barn) with about 3″ of snow.  It made for a beautiful scene to wake up to.  Cindy was thrilled when she woke up, squealing at the sight of snow.  Ben and Beth tossed snowballs for Bear to catch… fun to watch!  

“Boat Remodeling” is the tile of this post, because while working on the house it occurred to me that very likely someone was at the same time working on “our” future boat… remodeling, upgrading, cleaning…etc.  As we are getting this house ready to sell (with an eye toward simplifying life and buying another boat) another couple somewhere is probably doing the reverse… remodeling, upgrading and cleaning their boat to get it ready to put on the market to sell… so they can move into a house.  Funny thought that just struck me while I was sawing off floor plates to reframe the master suite entry door… enough so that I stopped to take this photo: 

Good point to back up a bit and review: We purchased this house about 1 year ago with the intent to keep if for 2 years. During that 2 years we would remodel it, use it for an Air B&B, have a place for Ben and his friend Teo to stay, a place for David to stay before the wedding, for David and Emily to stay after the wedding, and a place to park the RV when we are in town.  The first year has flown by with us remodeling the guest house and turning it into an Air B&B (which has gone really well).  This has given Ben the opportunity to run a small business and learn a lot in the process.  Now with the summer real estate market rapidly approaching, we are focused on remodeling the main house interior.  The first (and biggest) project is the master bathroom/bedroom remodel which will update the space into a much more attractive area.  Getting rid of the gold foil wallpaper & gold speckled mirror wall should be a big help (and yes, that is gold flecked popcorn ceiling too!).  Fortunately there is plenty of room to spread out the tools and supplies needed for this process… a great work area.  

First priority was to build a temporary wall across the hallway into the rest of the house, then begin to demo the interior walls, shower, cabinets…etc. we are getting rid of.  2nd priority was to build a couple of beams up in the attic to support the roof where we were removing load bearing walls.  Using plywood pieces, glue and nails to build a 12″ header works really well.  

Demolition and framing were just about completed this week 1.  The whole process should take about “two weeks” as the contractor in the Tom Hanks movie “Money Pit” would say each time he was asked when the remodeling would be finished.  When the master suite is finished, Cindy and I will move in & put the RV up for sale.

Wednesday we got word that Cindy’s dad had take a turn for the worse and was sent to the ER.  They were able to get him stabilized, but found him to have an infection caused by kidney stones that had become septic.  By Friday he was stable, but on a ventilator and sedated.  Today he is off the ventilator and being weaned off blood pressure medicine, but having congestion and breathing issues.  Cindy’s mom Mary has really been impressive through this whole time, staying strong & positive, and even having some house repairs taken care of!  Cindy booked a flight for Tuesday to go to San Antonio and stay with her Mom until the 19th when Emily is flying here from Australia for a visit.  I’m glad Cindy will have that time with her Mom & Dad, but will miss our morning coffee routine, evening meals together, remodeling discussions, and her laughter.  I think it is good for couples to have some time apart in order to better appreciate the time together.  Should be a good time for me to stay focused on the remodeling and get a lot done.  Can’t wait for Emily to get here!  I think she and Cindy have hair, nail and shopping appointments already planned & hopefully there will be some time for Dad too 🙂

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