Celebrating 30 years & Christmas

“The greatest enemy of success is fear.”

If you are looking for our Allegro Bus for sale it has been sold.

Emily and David flew in from Australia for the holidays & it was a good excuse to celebrate and have lots of friends over for dinner. The way it should be.
The highlight of the last 2 weeks was having all our family together to celebrate our 30 year wedding anniversary. Here at the Schramsberg Winery which is the 2nd oldest winery in Napa Valley. Lots of wonderful meals and good family time together.
We rented a nice house in Napa for all of us to stay & brought the Tesla along. It was the perfect car for the windy roads and fun to be able to charge while eating at some Napa locations.
Bethany’s Mom and brother Josh came to visit for Christmas & it was good to meet them and spend time together for the holidays. It will be a fast 3 months before they return for the wedding (March 31st!)
Emily & David made good use of the RV for their holiday home… but occasionally we let them in the house to socialize with the rest of us! 🙂
Emily wound up being the star of the show for Christmas! Here making homemade cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning & then an incredible pork roast for Christmas dinner with apple chutney. Wow.
We wound up having a few extra guests for Christmas dinner (15?), but that’s the way we like it. Perfect fit for the farmhouse table, with a small extension.
Ben and Bethany put a contract on a house in Redding that backs up the the beautiful Churn Creek Trail system provided by the McConnell foundation. I was amazed at how nice the trails were, just right out their back door (possibly).
Christmas day eve, relaxing by the fire & letting the candles burn themselves out. Good times.
Not as big of a milestone as 30 years…. but a fun one for sure. 1,000 miles reached on my Pedego Electric bike. What a fun way to explore, get exercise, and meet new people.
Before you know it, it was time to say goodbye again. Had a celebration dinner at Cleary’s in Redding before Emily and David headed back to Australia the next day. Cindy and I are blessed to share a full and healthy life with all our children.
Birds having a party in the fountain the in front courtyard.
Sunday was a chilly day, but perfect for warm weather gear and some electric bike exploring along the Sacramento river trail. After the recent fires it is interesting to see the old roads and trails that had long ago been covered with brush.

Now, on to a new Month & a New Year… Cindy and I are trying to decide what to do between now and the wedding. Thinking we will stay here and get the house remodeling finished, but also feeling like it would be nice to explore some new areas and see do some boat shopping while we have a break. Thank you Father for good health and great options.

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