Close call…

Difficult is worth it, difficult makes us who we are. (Mercedes commercial)

Back in Boerne Texas now after a 4 day CA to TX trek that went smoothly up until the last 200 miles.  We made an unexpected stop just East of Ozona Texas on interstate 10 when the front driver’s side tire blew out.  Fortunately we were able to come to a stop quickly and pull over to a protected side of the road.  It was 5pm and we found a tire shop 2.5 miles away that was able to come and replace the damaged tire, as well as the passenger side one, all in about 1 hour.  Tretos tire of Ozona Texas, Eli, Chase and Zach… Thank you all for making a bad situation much much better.    

When the tire exploded it tore up the wheel well and surrounding areas pretty badly. Fortunately the damage was not severe and after some temporary repairs we were able to continue driving.  Arriving in Boerne around 11pm and dry camping at Boerne Boat and RV. 

Walking around the site it has been fun to see the huge new RV storage buildings going up.  My brother Jon has been hard at work and the place is really looking impressive (Pano shot below with water drainage basin on left and one of the 2 new buildings in front. 

Other than the stop for new tires, the trip back was pleasant and we enjoyed great weather the whole way.  Our first day out, after finding our intended campsite full, we stopped in Kettleman City Ca and used the back lot of a hotel to park.  While walking that evening we visited a huge new 40 stall Tesla supercharging station 

We had been watching YouTube videos about these charging stations, almost completely solar powered, but seeing the size of this one was really impressive.  Nearly empty now, but not for long we think. The future of electric cars is dawning quickly.

As a boy and a man I’ve always loved climbing rocks.  Each time we would drive by this rest stop in Dragoon Arizona I would see the huge bolders all around and think “next time we will have to stop there!”.  Glad to say we finally did.  Great lunch stop and a fun little climb on the boulders for sure.  Experimenting with the panoramic feature on the iPhone too.

Quartzite Arizona was the stop for the 2nd night and we enjoyed another beautiful evening walking a bit.  What an interesting place with lots of winter residents and 4 wheel drive vehicles taking advantage of the many miles of desert trails and hills.  The dry creeks become ATV roadways, laced throughout the city and easily accessible. 

Evening 3 was at our old “standby” location at Hacienda RV Park in Las Cruces New Mexico.  A pleasant surprise to have our 6th stay there free!  The next day we got an early-ish start and were pushing hard up until our small “tire detour” in Ozona.  Again, we are grateful for safety for ourselves, other vehicles around us, a good place to pull over, and Tretos Tire crew who were Nascar-like in their ability to get us back on the road so quickly.

Because of the accident, our plans are somewhat up in the air as we need to decide where to have the repairs completed, and when. This week we are also settling in at the Boat and RV facility and trying to decide if we will make a nice dedicated spot here like we did at Ten Oaks.  The main question is how long we will be here if we need to take the motorhome to Red Bay Alabama for repairs (non tire damages that we are aware of so far are: fender & body damage, fuel hose detached, wheel well steel framing bent and torn, components in adjacent compartments damaged like windshield wash pump, leveling jacks, and finally… body damage to undercarriage down the length of the drivers side)  Will add up to a bit of time and $$ we imagine & it will likely make more sense to have the repairs done at the factory authorized shops in Red Bay Alabama.  Always an adventure!

Saturday we spent time with Cindy’s family (Nana & Pop, Jim & Marvilyn) and Sunday we had an impromptu gathering at my Mom’s house… about 14 of us all visiting together.  Good to be back!

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