Dakota House progress

The present must be made to serve the future. 

A fun week of work accomplished with Ben on his & Beth’s new home on Dakota Lane. It has been great to work alongside my son and continue to see the strong and hardworking man he has become. We started by framing an opening for the new back doors, and temporarily installing some salvaged glass into the opening. Ben also started demolition of the old brick fireplace while I was able to cut up more fallen tree limbs trees and burn in the back yard. A cold and wet week made it ideal for burning.

We had planned to close on the adjacent 3.5 acres of land this week, but a title issue delayed that closing. Hopefully will have it resolved this coming week.

Ben and I met with his draftsman Kevin to discuss the rough house remodeling plan, making changes to the master closet/bath/utility room…etc.
We started by opening up the back wall in order to let lots of natural light into the house. Extra benefit is that it also gives an inspiring view as we continue the remodeling. Ben is still deciding what type of door to use, so we framed in some salvaged glass doors from the Alta Mesa house. A beautiful view, for sure.
One of Ben’s anticipated tasks was to demolish the old fireplace chimney. He is moving the fireplace to the back wall & this was the first thing you saw when you came in the front door. Amazing amount of brick in that structure.
Starting to ramp up the boat search as we approach Ben and Beth’s wedding. After the wedding (and Emily and David’s visit!) it might be the ideal time to go forward with a boat purchase and do some summer cruising and exploration. Also picked up a cruising guide to the Chesapeake Bay with lots of great destinations to sail.

At this point we are looking primarily at monohulls. The catamaran’s are roughly 2 times the price and I’m thinking would be more difficult to find good marina space to park. A mid 40’s monohull with a shallow draft and good systems to allow for single handing seems like a good fit. “Every boat is a compromise” is something we have heard brokers say. Very true as you compromise between comfort, cost, size…etc. At the end of the day it seems to be as much about just pulling the trigger on a boat & not missing the opportunity by overthinking it.

Only 27 days until the wedding! Should be a lot of fun celebrating in the Napa valley area. Looking forward to having Emily & David here, as well as lots of family coming from Texas. This next week will be focused on interior framing at Ben’s house & hopefully closing on the adjoining property. Going to be a good week.

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