Engagement party in Redding and Electric bike riding

Most of this week was focused on getting ready for the engagement party Saturday evening… lots of landscaping to catch up on as we had much of the old mulch removed, sprinkler systems updated, and new mulch applied.  Rose bushes had been badly neglected and needed lots of trimming, back field mowing…etc.  Since the temps have been over 100 degrees on many days, it motivates one to get up early and start any outdoor work while it is cooler!

Was hoping to pick up the electric bike on Wednesday, but it wound up being delayed until late Friday afternoon.  Jumped on first thing Saturday morning to explore the Redding river trails and one of my favorite “Fisherman’s Trail”.  Beautiful in the early morning and amazingly pleasant to ride on this electrically assisted bike, or just to use the throttle and ride without peddling!

Need to rename Heart Rate Hill something else… going up on an electric bike was a breeze!

The big event was Saturday evening at 7pm after the day had heated up to 103 degrees.  The low humidity makes even this heat bearable when in the shade.  Thankfully the temperature cooled down quickly and lots of cool beverages were consumed.  Loved seeing Ben and Beth’s friends and co-workers here and celebrating their engagement.  With the heat we thought the turnout would be low, but almost 50 people showed up.

We are really fortunate to have some great neighbors Neil and Cher Sullivan who were able to come and join us to celebrate too. 

Afterwards the guys and some of the girls hung out on the back porch discussing sports, crypto-currency…etc.  Love being around these young people. 

Sunday morning included an E-bike ride up to Whiskeytown Falls where the cool mountain air felt amazing compared to the heat in Redding.  This was a fairly technical ride for me with lots of steep hills, rocks and tight trails.  Made for a good ride stretching me out of my comfort zone and learning what the bike can do.

Came across this “ghost town” Sunday while out for a ride… looks like an old park headquarters or campground of some kind.  Was really nice at one time with stream and fountain, great roads, bridge coming into the property.  Trying to find out what the history was… torn up and vandalized now.  (Edit: found out is was called Crystal Creek, and was a military like camp for young men who had committed murder).

This next week is America’s Birthday (July 4th).  Will spend time on house maintenance and remodeling, with lots of bike riding in the mornings.  4th of July celebrations here include one of the largest fireworks demonstrations in the country.  Should be good. We have an Air B&B reserved for next weekend in Bend Oregon and are looking forward to spending time up there in the cooler weather with Ben, Beth & friends biking and enjoying the local breweries.  Life is Good.  TYJ.

Limited sailboat searching going on right now since we are headed to Australia in a few weeks.  Watching a YouTube family “Sailing Zatara” that just bought a 58′ Privilege Catamaran which seemed pretty nice and also reasonably priced.  Our friends are selling their 2015 Fountaine Pajot 40′ catamaran for close to what they paid for it 4 years ago (???) because of the shortage of owners version catamarans on the West Coast.  Will be interesting to see if the trade tariffs the news is making such a big deal about will impact the EU economy and boat prices over there.  Time will tell.  It’s nice to not be in a hurry.  The right boat will be found.

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