Family Time & Remodeling

“It takes wisdom to build a house, and understanding to set it on a firm foundation; It takes knowledge to furnish its rooms with fine furniture and beautiful draperies” Proverbs 24:3-4

Sunday, 39 degrees, partly cloudy, window 0-5 mph.

A cold morning (33 degrees) when we woke up today.  Birds singing outside & gathering up their morning breakfast from the trees and ground.  The bird bath is lightly frozen over.

Another busy week with lots of solid progress on the bathroom remodel & great family time here in Redding.  Loving having the family together… realizing just how precious & rare those times now are.  Dinner at Clearies last night just to celebrate life together.  

Have been loving having Emily here & she and Cindy have made good use of the time cooking, organizing, relaxing, going to the movies, eyebrow plucking (?), and pedicures.  It has also been especially good timing to have her here as we work to implement the new management software for the storage locations.  I had a minor panic attack on Friday after seeing emails the program was sending out automatically that could cause a lot of confusion.  Emily, Chris, Evan and David all handled the situation calmly and were patient with my alarm.   Overall the whole team has done an extraordinary job of making the transition.  We are just now entering the payment phase of the month & hopefully will see it continue to be as smooth as possible.

Pushing forward hard on the remodel with the goal of moving in so we can put the RV up for sale (and the house up for sale in early summer).  Photo of the bed/bath floorplan below:

Really grateful for the open work space I have for this remodel… just outside in the courtyard it is fully covered and perfect for storing, setting up tools…etc.  This photo taken late one evening after a good hard days work (lots of Aleve being consumed) 

The courtyard and path back to the RV at night is illuminated by a string of decorative bulbs (a reminder of Emily’s wedding).  They cast a peaceful glow, shown here reflected in the birdbath: 

Work this week has focused on the shower/toilet area which revealed our first surprise… water damage around the toilet floor.  Looked like the toilet flange had been poorly sealed for some time & repaired at least once before.  The best solution was to remove the entire floor and add new support.  Should be plenty strong and solid now.  Also wound up relocating the shower drain to the center of the new walk in shower.  Needed to be done & allowed access to install additional support under the shower.  Note the 2″ thick douglas fir tongue and groove subflooring, supported 48″ on center.The rest of the week was spent on the many details and layers needed for a tile shower install: felt paper, wire mesh, mortar pre-slope, lay shower pan liner, install tile backerboard on walls, mortar 2nd floor layer, cut and install 1/2″ tile board for a smoothly draining shower floor….etc.  Amazing how many layers and steps there are to make a good watertight shower.  

Each new project I try to use a new material or technology as a way to learn and make the process more interesting.  This project so far I am trying DenShield for the wall tile board (very stiff, lightweight and easy to work with) as well as purchasing a radiant heat system through Amazon to go under the tile floor.  We really enjoyed the heated tile floor in a home we previously rented here in Redding & this will be the first time we have one in our own home.  The other thing we have done differently on this remodel is to order supplies through Amazon.  They have a wide selection of products at very competitive prices & I would anticipate this continuing to be a large growth portion of their business.

Getting my sailing fix this week watching some of the Patreon sailors we support (Gone with the Wynns, Two Afloat & Froth Life)  The Wynns are my favorite by far with really well done videos and great attitudes about life.  Also listening to a podcast which is a new thing for me… while waiting in the airport parking lot for Cindy and Emily I stumbled across this podcast from On The Wind and have really enjoyed hearing their stories.

Will be another full week ahead as we try to spend as much time with Emily as we can before she heads back to Australia on Wednesday.  She has understandably been missing David and is anxious to get back home to see him.  Remodel focus will be on installing the shower fixture, adding 2nd sink location, completing shower tile prep, completing sheetrock and maybe starting to do some tape and floating.  One week at a time.  TYJ.


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    Very interesting read Papa Rex, as usual very thorough ! Love it

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