Family holidays in Redding

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We finished up a great visit with Cindy’s mom for Thanksgiving, and her first trip away from Boerne in a long time.  Here at the Sundial Bridge over the Sacramento river… new snowfall on the mountains all around.  
Ben and Bethany set up and decorated the Christmas tree.  Getting ready for the holidays and David and Emily coming in town.   Bethany also used the living room as a staging area for a beautiful advent video shoot.  Really creative staff and fun to watch her interact with the photographer, videographer, sound guy, and actors.  Amazing how much work and coordination goes into video production. 

Tree decorated and my favorite Kincade painting “Perseverance” in the background. 
Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches at the end of a cold rainy day.  Great to have David and Emily visiting for the Christmas holidays!
The first 2 weeks of December has been consumed with the new laundry room remodeling.  Just in time for the holidays!  Lots of work underneath the house, relocating vents, drains, supply lines & removing old HVAC ducting.  Also found a leak under from the kitchen drain that had been going on for years 🙁  Good to get that repaired & fortunately no structural damage.   
We picked up Cindy’s Tesla Model 3 (dual motor, long range battery) in Sacramento just after Thanksgiving (in time for the $7k tax credit)  Here at our first “Super Charger” location after driving Cindy’s mom to the airport.  Really impressed with the Tesla tech ease of use.  
Just can’t help myself… taking photos of the rapidly changing leaf colors, with the Model 3 dash in the foreground.   Beautiful. 
The funeral of President Bush Sr. was a solemn yet beautiful ceremony.  A good reminder of the importance of family and unity.  
Taking advantage of the breaks in the rain for spectacular bike riding, here at Mary’s Lake in Redding. 
Soon winter will be here and the trees will be bare and stiff, but until then, celebrating the beauty. 
This “Nine Bridges” or Buenaventura trail off the Sacramento river was damaged by the fire, but this one bridge somehow survived.  I’ve been wondering about how to restore the bridges and make the replacement ones “bridge art”.  
The fires have also forced the bears into more populated areas.  Here, 2 juvenile bears off the river trail feeding on blackberries.  
Another good turnout for the Saturday Pedego group ride (P.J., Duane, Dick, Marylee, Dan & Carol) 

Next week we head over to Napa Valley area and celebrate our 30 year anniversary.  Staying in a nice Air B&B surrounded by vineyards.  Will be great to have the whole family together for this celebration.  Life is good.  Thank you Father.  

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