Fast run to Boerne TX

“Home is not a place, it’s a feeling.”  Elayna C., SV  La Vagabonde

After our Australia visit and a brief stay in Redding we are back in Boerne to help Cindy’s Mom and Dad transition to hospice care at home.    We enjoyed hanging out in Redding for about a week and then hurried back to help with the semi-urgency of Cindy’s Dad’s health.

Celebrating Jesse’s birthday in Redding with Ben, Beth and friends.
Before we left town we contracted with Jessica and Alex’s family lawn care business to maintain the gardens and plants.  Looking forward to coming back to healthy and well maintained gardens. 
As we traveled to to Texas it was very interesting to see how many Tesla model 3’s were being delivered.  We look forward to ordering/driving our Tesla soon (Model X we think)
Back in Texas, a quiet corner of Cindy’s parents home… the back deck is a pleasant place to relax when the weather cooperates.  Mary is a patient gardener and grows beautiful flowers.
After a delay of delivery of Cindy’s electric bike, we finally had it delivered to Boerne.  Troy and Charity took both bikes for a test ride and were wearing “electric smiles” afterward.
My sister Debbie also enjoying the new electric bike.  Preparing for a Mount Kilimanjaro climb in 2020!
One of the things I like about bike riding is the ability to slowly explore the quiet places.  Would likely never have noticed this beautiful sculpture in a side yard if in a car.  It reminded me of our Ashley and Noah.  

This week we will probably settle back into the RV at Boerne Boat and RV.  Need to rest in our own bed and have the peace and quiet of our own space for a while.  Glad we can be here to support Cindy’s parents in an urgent situation, but as things become more routine, it is good to have some separation.  

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