Florida Bound

“Everyone arrives somewhere, but very few people arrive somewhere on purpose” ¬†(Unknown)

Sunday June 25th, Mirimar Beach, Florida, 83 degrees, 99% humidity ūüôā

Good last week in Boerne saying goodbye (for a bit) to family and friends. ¬†Sunday lunch with Cindy’s parents & Jim & Marvilyn. ¬†Dinner Tuesday evening with Greg and Amy Lewis (talking about my son Ben’s Vlog on YouTube below).

Left for Huston Wednesday morning to visit with friends Ginny and Larry Nail at their home in the Woodlands. ¬†Beautiful community with shops, restaurants and entertainment close by. ¬†Great to see them as well as daughters Maggie and Emily (with new baby Eloise and husband Andrew). ¬†Fun times, also enjoying dinner at Tommy Bahama’s restaurant. ¬†

Thursday morning woke up to a text & photo from Hudson that there was a fire at the Boerne facility!  Thankfully super minor & just a cigarette butt that seems to have been tossed over the fence from the construction site next door.  Security footage showed the fire smoking at 6pm, starting at 9pm and burning all night long before it was noticed and extinguished around 8am by one of our tenants with the help of the Boerne fire department.  Crazy.

Friday morning we reviewed “Best and Final” offers on the facilities from about 6 different buyers. ¬†Bill Bellomy and team have done a great job marketing and organizing the bidding process and we think we have a very solid offer to purchase both properties. Will update more after a contract is in place.

Also Friday morning we started driving down to Florida & Fort Lauderdale.  Plan is to spend a day or so looking at catamarans.  Our broker Phil Berman says you can look at more cats in F.L. in one day than you can in a week traveling all over Florida.  Saturday traffic was super crazy with accidents, slow downs and stop and go traffic for a good portion of the day (a lot of people coming to the beach now that the storm has passed).  Finally arrived here at Mirimar beach around 8pm.  Walked on the beach this morning, beautiful clear blue water & soft sand!

Probably will take it easy today here & then move on Monday… hopefully avoiding heavy traffic. ¬†Likely in F.L. by Tuesday with Wednesday/Thursday to look at some boats before we head North to Maine. ¬†Feels good to be on the road and seeing new sights again.