Fort Lauderdale visit & headed to Maine

“Sometimes the anticipation of the honey is almost as good as the honey itself”  Winnie the Pooh

Sunday in Selma North Carolina, 80 degrees.

Spent most of this past week traveling to and visiting Fort Lauderdale to get a feel for the city & see a few boats.  Stopped at a Whole Foods for some groceries and flowers… interesting the “Florida flavor” of this bouquet:

Cindy is great at finding nice places to stay and eat & found us the Aztec RV Resort near Fort Lauderdale.  This place is a Class A only RV park that is mostly lots owned by French Canadians who stay here during the winter.  The park was about 80% deserted and we had the pool to ourselves most of the time.  The concept was really interesting from a development perspective and seemed to be extremely well maintained and thought through.

Thursday Jeff Jones with The Multihull Company was able to show us about 4 catamarans & while looking at a Leopard 46 we ran into Jason & Justin on the dock with “Gone with the Wynns”.  We have been Patreons of the Wynns for about a year and were glad they had time for dinner out with us for a break from their frantic departure prep (Sailing South on Saturday).  Was great to catch up and hear about their plans for making a beeline for the Panama canal with their new crew Justin and Dale (a Canadian couple who seem to be a great fit & have an adventurous spirit).  Fair winds Curiosity! 

The 2008 Leopard 46 (Indigo) that Jeff showed us was interesting & had a good owners version layout that we liked.  Was also well equipped, but did not seem to be a good value compared to others on the market.  He also showed us a owners version 2012 Fountaine Pajot Orana 44 (Stressless) that was in great shape & seemed to be well maintained & recently upgraded.   Additionally saw a couple of Lagoons, a 45 and a 42.  The 45 just seemed like it would be a lot of maintenance & the 42 felt about right.  Would like to see an owners version next time we are there (will come when the weather is a bit better… very hot and humid during the summer months).  None of these seemed to be a great fit, but it was time well spent to begin narrowing down the boat models we think might work for us.  Grateful to Jeff for his expertise and time!  Interesting comments the Wynns made about learning more about Leopards & how the catamaran maintenance guys at Just Cats did not care much for the Fountaine Pajot or Lagoon build quality.

Friday morning we started our trek toward Maine to meet up with family around July 7th.  Covering about 400 miles a day and still trying to figure out where and how to spend the 4th of July.   Holiday weekend traffic was interesting & at one point we just pulled the RV over for a few hours and ate lunch & took a nap until the congestion cleared.  We will stay here in Selma for another day to rest and relax on Sunday, then head out on Monday North again.

Received a signed letter of intent this week with a Houston based oil and gas company for the purchase of both storage facilities & plan to have a contract by the end of next week.  Exciting times.  TYF.