Healthy Reflections

“Forever is composed of nows”  Emily Dickinson

Sunday morning, 40 degrees, sunny, wind S 5 mph.

It’s always a little surprising to reflect on the week past.  Often I sit down to write and am thinking “not much to write about this week”, but when reviewing photos taken during the course of the week it is encouraging to see what has been accomplished.  I think this healthy reflection has been a critical motivator of perseverance… (and will be a fun way in the future for us to look back on this time of our lives).

Cindy is still in Boerne helping her mom get her Dad ready to bring back to the house.  The goal is to bring him back on Wednesday and just have a trial period to see how it all works out.  Lots of questions and stress right now, but like so many things it will likely work out much better than we anticipate.

Last Sunday was spent relaxing as we try to do each week.  Seems a good life habit and God honoring to have a day of rest and it is also helpful to motivate for the week ahead.  I also try to do a small task of some kind, like pruning rose bushes since it was such a beautiful day.  Watched a video on YouTube showing how to trim rose bushes, so either I trimmed them correctly… or I killed them all.  The video said the goal was to open up the center of the rose bush and leave only 3 to 4 stalks rising up from the center.  One week later, they are sprouting new shoots, so hopefully the pruning was a success!

Remodeling early this week focused on installing and tiling over the floor warming system.  

It is fun to integrate learning new things into the remodel and be stretched out of my comfort zone.  This system is new to me and involves measuring Ohms from the leads in addition to an alarm (yellow box) that tells you if the wire has been cut during installation.  Looking forward to testing it out soon!

Mid and late week was spent grouting tile shower and floor, then hanging and trimming doors.  I confess my taste on door trim might be more elaborate than most… these are relatively simple with only 20 pieces of trim for each door.  They are much easier to paint and putty on a nice work surface before installing… (shown upside down). 

Also got to spend some good Father/Son time this week helping Ben paint his new Toyota Forerunner.  I love that Ben was “doing the hard things first” as my Dad would advise.  Prepping and painting the car is a lot of hard work & Ben was plowing through it quickly.  We turned the middle garage into a temporary spray booth and on Wednesday about noon we both jumped in and started wet sanding the primer that he had applied the day before… this process went pretty quickly due to the high build & easy to sand primer.  Started putting on color coat about 4ish and were able to get 3 coats on everything & looking really good.  The new color is a silver metallic color that is pretty striking.  After that dried we worked till about 8:30 pm putting 3 coats of clear on top of the color.  This was the first time Ben or I had painted a car, so there is a lot of learning going on, but overall we were very pleased with the results (looks 100% better than it did when he bought the car!).  Final step after the paint and clear coat have time to cure will be to buff/sand any spots that need attention and give it a final polish.  Then the re-assembly of all the parts and new bumpers…etc.  Ben seems to really enjoy this whole buying/fixing up process and it is impressive to watch him persevere through the challenges.  

Spring is just around the corner with many beautiful plants and trees around the house already blooming.  Our neighbors plum trees (?) blooming with white flowers in contrast to the red buds on our peach tree…

Camellia bushes in the front yard blooming bright red and pink…

And this (?) bush just off the front driveway… beautiful lavender blooms.  A beautiful time to be here in Redding.

Watched the video tour of “Gone with the Wynns” 43′ Leopard catamaran yesterday.  Seems like a really nice setup for a cruising catamaran.  Lots of decisions and tradeoffs as with with any boat.  The steps up to their master berth seem undesirable, but may not be a big deal.  The U shaped galley layout seems to be really well done. I have not noticed that on any other cruising cats.

Last night I found myself watching SpaceX launch videos of their recent launches… just amazing to watch the stage 1 rocket land itself again on a launch pad… the thing must be close to 100′ tall!!!  Also amazing to learn more about Iridium’s satellite program they are launching using SpaceX. One of the recent launches was putting 10 additional Iridium satellites in orbit, which will be followed this year by 70 more!!!  This could be a huge game changer in cell phone and internet data use… especially for those in remote locations (like on a boat!).  Watching a recent video of SV Delos using their Iridium Go receiver to get weather data and also email/text.  Rapid technology integration… love it.