July 4th and Bend Oregon

A low key July 4th week for us here in Redding CA, with a nice trip to the cooler climate of Bend Oregon on the 6-8th.  Also, lots of mountain bike trail riding on the new electric bike.  It is amazing how effortless it is now to explore roads and paths that previously would have been too difficult or off limits.  

Be prepared for an over-exposure of trail beauty photos this week!  Just could not help myself since there are so many beautiful outdoor locations here and in Ben Oregon where we went for the weekend. 

Redding is blessed with many miles of paved bike trails built on old railroad beds (nice and flat with gentle grades!)

One day I rode from Keswick Dam up to Shasta Dam on the dirt trails that wind along the river, then back down on the paved trail on the opposite side… about 40 miles of good riding!

Often in the evenings I’ll jump on the bike and enjoy the cool breeze in my face on the park trails near by. Clover Creek Preserve is located just a few miles away from our home with a small lake reflecting beautiful sunsets.

We had been looking for another diesel truck to replace the older one we kept here in Redding.  Ben found a great deal on a 2016 Dodge Ram Eco diesel with only 7k miles.  Garage kept and in really great condition.  Just in time for our trip up to Oregon.

We did not realize it when we left in the morning for Bend, but the highway had been closed earlier the same morning due to a large wildfire on both sides of the road.  Crazy to drive through and see the firefighters, helicopters, airplanes still working to bring it under control.

This was our 2nd trip to Bend Oregon and we took 2 electric bikes up to explore as many trails as possible.  Again, it was an incredible difference on the electric bike, being able to ghost along the trails following the river… cool in the mornings, and even pleasant in the heat of the day with the throttle steadily assisting. 

There is something about riding along a quiet river trail on a bed of pine needles that is hard to beat…

Ben and Cindy found us a beautiful Air B&B rental for 3 nights.  Perfect for our group of 8.  At over $800 per night with all taxes and fees, it was an interesting wake up call to the future potential of properties in the Redding area.  Was even cool enough in the morning to put the fireplace on!

One of Ben’s close friends Brant lives in Bend with his wife Kaitland (sp?) and we hung out with them some at the Bend Brewing Company where Brant works. 

The group hung out together, walking along the river park trails and then tubing the river on a hot afternoon. 

Eventually we had to leave the cool weather behind us and head back to Redding.  Most of the week has been near or above 100 degrees.  Not as terrible as it sounds since the humidity is low, but it did make upgrading the misting system and ceiling fan on the back courtyard a high priority. 

It has been fun to watch Cindy pick the peaches and plums that are ripening now on the trees.  Very tasty for sure.  

The roses have needed extra watering, but even in the heat continue to produce beautiful blooms. 

One benefit of the heat in town is it motivates one to get out into the cooler mountain trails.  Rode up to Whiskeytown Lake several times this week, biking up to Brandy Creek falls and other trails.

Exploring the downtown river trail and surrounding areas and came across this beautiful cemetery in the middle of town.  Very old (1880’s) stones as well as some very new.  This beautiful sculpture caught my eye as I was riding through.

Having a small group over for a Texas fajita dinner tonight… should be fun.  Might get some work done on the laundry room remodel this week, or might jump in the RV and head to cooler climate.  Grateful that those are the kind of “tough” choices we are faced with at this time in our life.

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