Magic and family time in AU

“I lock my front door not because I hate the people outside, but because I love the people inside.”

After the WhitSunday Islands trip, we continued our visit in Brisbane with Emily & David, enjoying the cooler winter weather and flowers blooming with vivid colors…

Out riding and I was stopped in my tracks by these vivid colored tropical flowers…

We have learned that we all enjoy our visits more when breaking up the trip into different locations.  After a relaxing 4 days back in Brisbane at David and Emily’s home, we drove about 2 hours North to Sunshine Beach and stayed at a beach house with a view of the water.

A skinny view of the water and beach, but enough to enjoy watching dolphins, whales, surfers, and sailboats.
Beautiful and very good Cappuccino at this Sunshine Beach breakfast spot… 

One highlight of our visit to Sunshine Beach was exploring sea caves at low tide.  The beauty was incredible (“magic” as one Aussie described).

While waiting for one of our flights I picked up a magazine that really challenged my world view.  The magazine was “The Monthly” and the article was called “The China Reset” which talked about China’s influence on Australia.  As an American, concern for China rarely enters my mind.  Based on this author, a concern for China’s influence over AU is deep rooted in history, and also for the near future. 

After 4 days in Sunshine Beach, we headed back to Brisbane again for some more hang out time. Lots of good meals, bike rides, shopping, and a spa day for the girls.  While David was working I rode the electric bike and explored trails, parks as well as enjoy spectacular bike paths.  I discovered this trip that AU is an incredibly bike friendly place!  

I had never seen a bike path that included 2 way paths with turning lanes, and a separate pedestrian path on the side.  Had to take a photo!  Good on Ya Australia!
This pedestrian path just up from the river seemed to be a super smart way to layout the space… River, Green space, Path, then Restaurants, then offices and retail behind.  Very pedestrian friendly and beautiful on this day.   Would be perfect fit for Redding CA to do something like this. 
One of the highlights of my time… sharing my love of biking/electric bikes with Emily!  She noticed this huge plant off the side of the bike path.
Made my day when Emily sent me this photo of her and David out riding after we had left town.  Only one could ride electric, but love seeing them outdoors and enjoying exploring together.  
Last night in AU so we had a very nice dinner at a “Chef Hatted” restaurant downtown (similar to Michelin Stars).  Beautiful dinner with my beautiful family.  Life is good. 
During our layover back in Los Angeles we had breakfast at an airport cafe.  Since there has been such bad press about our president we have been doing a small part to “Pay it forward” and let others know his policies are having a positive impact on business and investments.  
First morning back in Redding and it was cool enough to go for a ride to see how the trails had survived.  Many downtown are back open, but the ones upriver remain closed due to burned out bridges and trees.  Still was good to be back riding in Redding again.  Even could see green grass already growing through the burned grown.   This next week we will continue to settle in, while looking at options for when to head back to San Antonio and spend time with Cindy’s parents.  Her dad went back in the hospital while we were out of town & we are playing it day by day.  

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