Making beautiful things?

“I long so much to make beautiful things. But beautiful things require effort—and disappointment, and perseverance.”—Vincent Van Gogh, The Hague, September 9, 1882, to Theo Van Gogh  

Sunday morning, 48 degrees, wind from the South 10-21 mph, raining, cloudy.

Thanks to Bethany Mossburg for sharing the Van Gogh quote.  A perfectly timed reminder to persevere during those times when we are pressing forward and unsure of the wisdom of our efforts.  Cindy and I love to create and restore beauty, and at times that process is just hard work and challenging to enjoy.  In those times, it seems that focusing on doing the small things well and with gratitude keeps me moving forward… and before you know it, real progress can be seen.

Another very wet week here all over CA.  Nearby Oroville has made national news with its dam spillway struggling to keep up with the overflow of water.  We tried to drive to Sacramento on Saturday and started out with sunshine and enjoying miles of beautiful almond trees in blossom along the road, until…

About 1 hour South, we were held up in traffic on the I-5 due to water being over the road about 18″.  This created a huge traffic jam on the Southbound lanes and after waiting for about 2-3 hours, we finally turned around and came back to Redding. 

The Dodge truck has a CB radio inside & we powered it up for the 1st time, only to discover there was no antenna, so our reception was limited to about 20′ from the nearest truck driver.  There was an alarming lack of information available to drivers on the radio or maps regarding how long the wait would be, or if we should turn around… etc.

As soon as the rain stops around here the grass and flowers are probably going to explode from the ground.  Already the camellias are blooming as the weather warms up just a bit…

Valentines celebrated this Tuesday with flowers, chocolate strawberries, cheesecake & a fantastic steak with crab topping made by Cindy & shared with Ben and Bethany.

A milestone was reached this week on the bedroom/bath remodel with the application of wall & ceiling texture on Thursday! Friday this was followed by two coats of primer and 2 coats of ceiling white using the airless paint sprayer.  Monday will be color on the walls and then the rest of the week on tiling the shower and bath floor.  It has really been encouraging to begin to see the project turn a corner and begin to become something “beautiful”. 

Cindy heads back to Boerne on Thursday to spend a few weeks with her Mom and Dad.  The plan is to move her Dad back into the house and care for him there.  Lots of decisions and support to help this process along.  I’m glad Cindy is able to spend that time there.  I’ll continue to work on the remodeling, getting the house ready to move into by the time she gets back (hopefully) and then shortly afterward getting the RV up for sale.

We still don’t know what “Next” looks like, but we are clearing the decks to make ready for whatever that is.

Speaking of “Next”… our daughter Emily when visiting recently mentioned she and David would love to travel in Greece.  This is also a location that would be wonderful to sail around and enjoy the beauty and rich culture.  During one of my boat searches I came across this Lagoon 45 already in Greece… like it was meant to be, right???