Master Suite almost completed

Sunday, 80 degrees, sunny, wind SE 2 mph

Feels great to have the sun out again and enjoy being outdoors. 

Good progress on the Master Suite remodeling this week, finishing tile floor details, hooking up the floor warming thermostat, installing shower valves trim, and the heavy glass shower door (another 1st for me to install a frameless shower door… went smoothly): Friday and Saturday picked up and installed the wood flooring in the Master bedroom.  What a difference.

One of the things I really like about Redding is the town is small enough to get around easily, but very well equipped.  I stopped in this small contractor store and was amazed at the variety of concrete trowels & tools they had available:Parker and I are continuing to “Batch” it… here he is chilling on the couch & blending in with the blanket cover:Next week will be a “details” week as I try to wrap up loose ends in the Master Suite.  Also planning to go to Sacramento with Ben mid week and pick up a countertop for the bathroom.  Getting very close.

Received news mid week that another one of our managers (Evan Garza) will be leaving soon. We already knew Chris Schneider was leaving March 23rd, and now Evan middle of April).  This is going to change plans regarding getting the CA house ready to sell & instead we will head back to Boerne for a few months to help find and train another manager.  Chase Tomerlin is just starting his transition from an awesome maintenance guy to the manager position & I feel it would be best to train a brand new manager myself.  In addition, this will help me re-familiarize myself with the many changes to our systems that have occurred over the last few years.  Looking forward to the challenge and the change of pace.

Current rough plan will be for us to leave Redding around the 4th of April, giving us 4 days to get back to TX.  and one week before Evan has to leave so I can work along side him and re-learn the systems.  Thats only 3 weeks or so away & will be here fast.