Much to be Thankful for…

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The days preparing for Thanksgiving and a visit from Cindy’s mom (Nana) were filled with completing the hall bathroom remodeling, as well as lots of decorating.  Since we work well under a deadline (20 plus years as a contractor contributes to this), we were able to get a lot accomplished and the house looking great. 

Hall bath shower enclosure in process…
Most mornings in Redding begin with this view… Cindy, Parker and me sitting in the living room drinking coffee, watching the hummingbirds and other birds bathing in the courtyard fountain.  Our time to discuss plans for the day ahead and decisions we are trying to make.
Mary arrived a couple days before Thanksgiving (first plane trip in 20 years!) and got to meet the remaining puppies.
All around us the leaves are changing daily from green to deep reds and tans.  A beautiful process to watch, especially for someone raised in an area where this rarely occurred. 
First cold weather of the season made it ideal for a wood fire in the front fireplace.  Nice to just chill with a couple books and enjoy the warmth on these cold rainy days. 
Two cooks in the kitchen!  Cindy and Nana prepare thanksgiving meal for approximately 12 of us.  Note blue tape outline on future laundry room door, the project to begin very soon. 
Ben and Bethany decorated the house and table beautifully for the Thanksgiving celebration.
A great feast with family & friends… so much to be thankful for. 
Great to be back with the Pedego group on Saturday morning… enjoying the fall colors and cooler weather. 
I’m frequently surprised by the great trails all around Redding that are perfect for electric bikes.  This one called Middle Creek Trail runs from the river trail up to Old Shasta City and was one of the prettiest trails I have ridden in a while.  
Sunday we drove up to the town of Shasta at the base of Mount Shasta.  A beautiful drive with new snow on the mountain from the recent rains.  Mimosas for all!

Monday we are planning on picking up Cindy’s new Tesla Model 3 in Sacramento.  Should be exciting to get the new car and explore the tech involved in an all-electric vehicle.  The future is pretty exciting.  

Looking forward to Emily and David visiting us from Australia in about 3 weeks.  Always good to have the whole family together.   Lots and lots to be Thankful for.  

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