New Adventures Begin…

The paperwork has been signed, funds transferred and hands shaken. Our new sailboat “Marco Polo” is a 2012 Beneteau 46 and she comes very well equipped for new adventures. Cindy and I have been pretty busy these last few weeks as we prepared for an extended absence from our CA home, finalized the purchase, and begin to get used to the various systems on board the new boat.

While I flew to Charleston to meet the owners and do a final inspection, Cindy stayed in CA to get ready for a trip to Texas to visit her mom for a week or so. In the meantime I’ll continue to learn more about the systems on board Marco Polo (lots of learning!), as well as make some changes to make her more comfortable for us.

Love this photo of Cindy… she was out in the rose garden getting fresh flowers for the house. Beautiful.
Not having grown up around flowers in Texas, I continue to be surprised at their beauty.
In addition to being a new husband (5 weeks!) Ben started disassembling and parting out his Jeep rebuild. A tough and impressive decision after putting so much time and love into this project, but the lessons learned and skills gained will be with him for a lifetime. New adventures and opportunities ahead!
Researching and preparing for our summer ports of call and looking forward to exploring the Chesapeake Bay. Hopefully Jim and Marvilyn (Cindy’s sister) will be able to join us, along with many other family and friends.
We have some great memories of Saint Michaels & look forward to returning on our own boat now!
Had to leave my electric bike back in CA & decided to order one delivered to South Carolina. Electric bikes have become almost a necessity to my enjoyment of being outdoors and running errands. This one is a folding bike that should be able to be stored on the boat!
After a whirlwind flight from CA to SC (and weather delays & seat issues), Pete and Barbara Wybro met me onboard Marco Polo for a 4 hour crash course on her systems and features. So glad they made the time to be here. They spent several days going through the boat cleaning and doing maintenance before I arrived! Very gracious people… the kind you would hope to buy a boat from.
My homework for the next few weeks… 7 volumes of systems to familiarize myself with. “One bite at a time” as they say. Falling asleep in my berth reading about navigation rules, outboard motor, boom brake… etc. I am excited for the challenge of new things to learn, and I keep shaking my head in amazement at how well cared for and well equipped Maco Polo is.
It seems like we not only got a great deal on a sailboat, but it is loaded with “treasure”. If you have ever gone to West Marine to buy supplies you know how expensive boat spares and parts can be. This compartment is just one small example of the supplies left onboard. These will save a huge amount of time and money. Thanks Pete and Barbara!
By Friday afternoon we had the funds transferred and the change of ownership completed. Time to cut the “For Sale” sign off the bow pulpit.
Getting used to being in a marina again & enjoying the sights, sounds and smells.
My morning routine has been to brew coffee and then put the flags up… one USA flag, and one Texas flag. Not a bad view to wake up to.

This next week will continue to be “Boat School” and getting Marco Polo ready for Cindy’s arrival. Planning on taking her out mid-week for a motor sail to begin to get used to docking again. I feel semi-confident that if I could dock the 42′ without bow thrusters, docking this 46 with thrusters should not be too much more difficult. Each day is a new adventure with lots to challenge my mind and body. Feels like the way it should be. Thank you Father.