New homesite, Austin wedding & Mother’s Day in Texas

“For attractive lips, speak words of kindness. For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people”. -Audrey Hepburn

Picked up the motorhome from the repair shop so we could move back in and park at the new site at Boerne Boat and RV.  Has been fun to feel useful and productive clearing, burning brush and cleaning, making the front of the property more attractive.  When we arrived 2 weeks ago:

… and after clearing, spreading gravel, and relocating.

Still a long ways to go, but much better than it was.

The family wedding in Austin was one of the main reasons we came back to Texas this trip.  Great time sharing an Air B&B with Marvilyn and Jim while celebrating and attending the wedding of Jim’s daughter to the son of an Austin family who are 3rd generation immigrants from Lebanon.  Very interesting and close knit family.  The wedding was held at the Bob Bullock museum and the reception at an Austin highrise (The Austonian) with an amazing view.   

The day before the wedding the weather cooperated for some bike riding and exploring.  Followed some bike trails that were more hiking trails down to the flooded river and then forded the river with the bike over to some other trails.  Following a river downhill has been my goto technique since traveling by bicycle in Europe in college.  Usually a much easier and enjoyable path.  

Back in Boerne & spent the week continuing to clean up the RV site and front of the facility.  Trimming trees, hauling away trash, moving old equipment and tools to a less visible area of the property, also cleaning out the shop and organizing tools and supplies.  Having the bobcat on site with pallet forks and buckets has made all this work much faster and easier. 

One of the things I love about being back here it the richness of relationships and how that lends itself to spontaneous get togethers.  Thursday evening we went over to Cody and Alissa Hess’ and visited with them, Cody’s parents Linda & Gary, as well as Wendy Hartson who was able to come hang out with us for a glass of wine and some good conversation.  Love this family.  Cody and Gary just finished building an awesome metal barn and are now working on a “barndominum” home for Linda & Gary to live in.  I’m envious of their opportunity to build a Father/Son home together.  Pretty cool.

Saturday evening we got to spend time catching up again with Glen, Karen and Corey Daniel at their home in Bulverde.  They had just returned from a 2 week Med. cruise and brought back some great liquors to sample. Mother’s day was celebrated at Troy and Charity’s home & Charity knocked it out of the park with an amazing brunch and beautifully decorated tables.  

Spent time in the afternoon at my Mom’s home, visiting with family there also.  Kevin and Mom took a short walk and I loved this photo of them walking down the driveway…

This week we are headed down to Kemah to stay for 5 days and look at some boats.  One in particular has been on our radar & I’m anxious to see.  Should be fun to be near the water again and enjoy some good seafood.

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