“Nose to the Grindstone” aka Perseverance

“Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance”.   Samuel Johnson

For many years Thomas Kincade’s painting “Perseverance” hung in Jeff and Annie Thompson’s home in Boerne.  The painting is of a small sloop emerging from stormy seas under full sail with a beautiful sunrise off the port side.  Often when we were having our coaching sessions I would sit in their guest house living room and gaze at this painting… the image evoking great memories from the past, as well as a thirst for adventures yet to come.  They gave that painting/print to us when downsizing their home & we look forward to hanging it in our home and enjoying it again soon.

This has been a “nose to the grindstone” week of working on the master bath/bedroom remodel.  Lots of measuring, demolition, wiring, crawling around in the attic, re-routing air ducts…etc.  It’s amazing how much goes on behind the scenes to make ready for a modern bathroom.  I’m grateful to be enjoying the process… recognizing that joy comes from the Father & that joy makes all the difference between “work” or “creating beauty”.

Speaking of behind the scenes… lots going on at home and around here.  Cindy has been with her Mom helping take care of her Dad in Boerne. He has been doing better but is still in the hospital, recovering from the infection & surgery Friday to put a splint in his bladder.  Has been understandably out of sorts and a little confused as a result of the trauma to his body over the last few weeks.    Ben is selling his 4 door Jeep Wrangler that he purchased and rebuilt.  Just found and purchased a 2005 Toyota Forerunner in San Antonio that seems like he got a great deal on ($4,250)  His cousin Leif picked it up for him and took it to a local Toyota dealership for an inspection (all looked good-ish).  Cindy met up with the seller and some cash and we have it parked at Ten Oaks Boerne for now until Ben can arrange for a hauling company to pick it up.  Seems like he really enjoys that buying, fixing & selling process and it will be interesting to see where it takes him in the future.

Also a major behind the scene event going on has been the switch of our business management software from SiteLink to StorEdge (comparable to a heart transplant… but for a business).  Pretty much affects everything.  Chris Schneider has led the way with the transition, and the whole team believes this will be a much better long term solution for the business.  It has been an impressive display of teamwork and hard work.  Emily and David have also really stepped up to the plate with critical weaving of the new and old systems together, updating links, websites, payments and 1,000 other things.  I’m proud of the whole team, and anxious to see the new system up and working smoothly.

Ben has also started a training program with his real estate mentor called the Buffini system and one of the principles he has referred to is the “Rest/Run cycle”.  This weekend has been a rest cycle with yard work and misc. yesterday, and today church and relaxing.  Next week will be focused on running the 3 days I have to remodel (hopefully finish electrical, framing and plumbing and possibly sheetrock hanging).  Then on Thursday I’ll drive to Sacramento. Cindy comes back from Texas and Emily arrives from Australia for a visit!  Always great to have the whole family back together again.

So much to be grateful for.


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