Not making big decisions fast…

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people”. -Eleanor Roosevelt

The weather has been near perfect here in Boerne this last week.  Sunday we enjoyed visiting Grape Creek Winery in Fredericksburg with Jim & Marvilyn, listening to great live music and relaxing at this beautiful place.  It is just amazing how huge the wine and brewing industries have become there.

Also got to spend some time Sunday evening having dinner with my sister Debbie and her son Leif.  Mom was also able to join us & it was good to be together. 

Never in a hurry to make big decisions, we continued to look at some homes for sale this week, but have slowed our search progress.  Neither of us feels in a hurry to buy a home right now & it seems like a good decision to continue to take our time with such a big decision until it feels right.

Jon continues to make great progress with the Boerne Boat and RV expansion… doors beginning to be installed this week, roofing & electrical moving forward… lots to be excited about. Hopefully the new spaces will be open for rental in early April (a couple of weeks).

Wednesday we got to spend time with Jeff and Annie Thompson and catch up on their Montana adventures, including buying and running a UPS store with their son Ryan.  Jeff and Annie seem like they are usually experiencing things about 10 years ahead of us so it is fun to get together and learn from them.  We even have a “Jeff and Annie Questions” list to make sure we don’t forget anything.

Also spent time at lunch on Thursday with Linda Elrod, our longtime bookkeeper and friend who has kept the “wheels on the bus” financially for us for over 10 years.    Linda responded to a Craigslist ad I had placed for a bookkeeper in Boerne and has been an extravagant God blessing to us and our businesses. We were looking for a bookkeeper to do basic entries and instead greeted a retired CPA with incredible expertise and work ethics, looking for something to keep her busy.  Crazy to think how that time has flown by and we are so grateful for the oversight and stewardship she has provided for so long.

Getting ready for moving the RV back to a new site at Boerne Boat and RV.  Jon and I spent time Friday working on a trench for the new electric and wound up hitting the old well electric line.  Working together we were able to dig about 200′ of trench and re-wire the supply in conduit in about 3 hours.  Late day, but fun to work together with Jon.  Spent time Saturday and Sunday finishing the water and electric supply for the new site and getting prepped for the new sewer tie in (full hookups at the new site!).  Gotta love having a little brother with big toys!

This next week we will be headed up to Austin for Jim’s daughter’s wedding.  Should be a fun time & we booked a nice Air B&B place to stay with Jim & Marvilyn.  Cindy has been ordering dresses through Amazon’s new delivery service and trying them on.  Sending photos to the kids and others for opinions.  Right now it looks like this one will be the choice: 

Plan for this week is to finish the RV site on Monday/Tuesday.  Get ready for the wedding (haircut..etc.) and then pick up the RV and set it up at the new spot.  Will be good to sleep in our own home/bed again & I have really been enjoying my time working at the BBRV site.  Always something to do.  Life is good.  Thank you Father.

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