Offer accepted on a Beneteau 46!

Cindy and I went to Charleston South Carolina to see 3 boats that seemed to fit what we were looking for. The first we saw (Equinox, a 2011 Beneteau 50) was roomy, but not well cared for. The 2nd (Dorthy, a 2008 Beneteau 49) was well cared for, and we were very interested. The 3rd (Marco Polo, a 2012 Beneteau 46) was already under contract, but I wanted to see her just in case. Immediately after stepping on board you could tell she had been meticulously cared for and represented a far superior value to the previous boats seen. I went back for a 2nd visit a few days later and decided to put a back up offer on her, thinking there was a less than 10% chance of the Buyer #1 not going through with the sale. After returning to CA we got a call from the broker saying Buyer #1 had decided not to go through with the purchase, and our offer had been accepted! The survey and sea trial for Buyer #1 had gone well, but the wife decided the boat looked smaller than the photos… and she did not care for the color of the canvas. Good news for us & now we are waiting for a copy of the survey to determine if there are any significant issues to address. Looks likely we will close on the boat in a couple of weeks and then begin to familiarize ourselves with her and do some light sailing & traveling. Looking forward to spending time possibly in the Chesapeake Bay area this summer and possibly further North with friends and family. The best adventures are still to come!

Marco Polo, A 2012 Beneteau 46 in excellent condition with an amazing amount of upgrades.
Easter Sunday and flowers blooming all over the house!
Cindy making deviled eggs for Easter Sunday dinner, a family tradition.
Love having these young people over for dinners and family hang outs!
Charleston was a very pleasant surprise for us. We came to look at boats, but fell in love with a beautiful city with great restaurants.
The weather was perfect for outdoor dining and there were lots of great options within easy walking distance from both of the downtown hotels we stayed in (Restoration and Bella Grace)
Lots of beautiful old alleyways throughout the city, paved in many cases with cobblestones (very rough!)
Beautiful architecture and landscape everywhere!
Super busy sailing day on the bay at Charleston. Even had a kitesurfing event going on with kites everywhere!
The day after coming back to Redding I decided to check out the local pickleball group located a few blocks away from our house. Wow! Fun sport, and a very welcoming group of mostly retired people. Would up playing almost every day since… wearing myself out on Saturday!
Beautiful flowers everywhere around the house.
Jess and Alex’s team have been doing a great job taking care of the landscaping. Came back to roses blooming all over the place!
Great to come back and see the Tidmore property cleaned up and beginning to green up with bluebonnets.
Spending some time working with Ben on his house this week too. Trying to get as much done as we can before leaving again for Charleston. Proud of the great progress he has been making, while handling a very busy real estate clientele!