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A busy 3 weeks since our last post… Super bowl party, Engagement party, brush burning and cleaning up around Ben’s new house, Biggest snow storm in Redding for 50 years, and a trip to the Miami International Boat Show for some warmer weather!

Started off with a small group party for the super bowl. Was fun to watch Ben and friends enjoy the game, half time show and commercials. Love these people.

The next day we had a group of about 50 people over for an engagement party for Hillary and Nolan. The most people we have had in the home so far & surprisingly seemed to flow well. Bethany and friends took care of most of the preparations and Super Cindy jumped in for some last minute help.
The girls set up a great spread!
Loved seeing old friends. Jenna brought their new boy along & Ben got to get some baby practice in!
Love this couple. David & Sarah. Put a ring on it David!
Seems like there are always flowers blooming around the house. Cindy found this one out in the back yard one morning.
Lots and lots of old firewood and lumber stacked around Ben’s new house and on the lot we are buying. Cold weather made it nice to be able to get outdoors and stay active while cutting, splitting logs, and burning.
Perfect timing… we did not know it, but as we were leaving at 4am for our Miami Boat Show trip it began a heavy snow in Redding. 10 to 15 inches which was the most in 50 years here. Trees knocked out power lines and much of the City was without power for about a week. Thankfully we had a gas fireplace and plenty of firewood for the woodburning fire as well.
Meanwhile in Miami… Cindy found a great room at the Margaritaville Resort with a beach view on one side and a canal view on the other.
Best part of the trip was Rich and Wendy Hartson joining us for the show. So much more enjoyable sharing the fun with others.
Lots of good restaurants in Miami, some around beautiful marinas with Mega Yachts! Group of yacht crew from England took this photo for us.
After the boat show we went to Sanibel Island on the West coast of Florida to enjoy some time hanging out in this super bike friendly town. Was a really busy weekend for tourists and bikes were everywhere. Proud of Cindy as we wound up biking almost 20 miles!
Reward for a long bike ride… rum punch at Doc Ford’s Rum Bar.
Back in Redding and the first priority was to clear out all the branches that had been torn down by the snow the previous week (Rosie helping too). It looked like a bomb had gone off in the neighborhood!

This next week we will focus on closing on the 3.8 acres we are buying adjacent to Ben’s house. After researching a lot of details we feel like it will be a good investment, with options to build on it at some point in the future. Lots of interest in pulling the trigger on our next boat & currently searching for monohulls that would fit our “90% use”. Fun times no matter what decision we make. Grateful for an adventure partner that is willing to stretch outside her comfort zone, and good health to enjoy this time of life.

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