Preparing for new adventures…

Life and time are the two best teachers. Life teaches us to make good use of time and time teaches us the value of life.

House sitting and dog sitting for the honeymooners these last 2 weeks (and waiting for the rain to stop). Plenty of projects around the house with the buttoning up of the laundry room(s) and cabinet changes in the living room. Ben and Beth returned on Friday from and it was great to see them and hear stories about their adventures and beautiful places they had seen. Also doing a lot of research on boats for sale, reviewing boating techniques and navigational aids…etc. Still on schedule to leave Monday the 22nd for South Carolina to see several Beneteau’s that might be a good fit for coastal cruising.

Don Talkington and I took our electric bikes out with the Shasta Wheelman on Tuesday up to the dam. First time the bike club had electric bikes join them (about 25 cyclists & 3 electric). Funny to see their reactions. One said “we welcome all bikes, including electric. When I’m old and decrepit I think I will get one” (This guy was at least as old as me, if not more).
Part of the laundry room remodeling is to “button up” the old room. Removal of the old plumbing, tile, etc.
Love our little oasis in the back courtyard. The lights at night make it such a beautiful place.
Cindy and I decided to see a local marriage counselor to work through some things. We are making an effort to focus on our marriage, especially as we give Ben and Beth more space for their first year of marriage. Danny Martinez (the counselor) is also able to do “Facetime” meetings which will work better with our travel schedule and frequently not being in town.
Finished up the week with several good rides, this one with the electric bike group up to Lake Shasta, then on Sunday from the house up to the Ribbon bridge and around some of the Sundial Bridge trails. Met Cindy for brunch at View 202 and we were pleasantly surprised at how good the brunch was.

This next week will be focused on finishing up laundry kitchen details… taping and floating and painting. Should be a fast week, and then on Monday head out to South Carolina for what could be the beggining of some great new adventures. Grateful for so many blessings like good health, resources, and an adventurous life partner. Thank you Father.

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