Preparing for Travel

“Our biggest fear is living a static life. We half-jokingly say we have a case of Sedentary Lifeaphobia.  Because time has a way of thrusting us forward at warp speed.  Days turn into years and before we know it, we’re looking back at the past wondering what we’ve done with all that time”. (Niki and Jason, Gone with the Wynns)

A mix of motorhome and house maintenance this week as we prepare to travel back to Texas for a couple months.  Each year the motorhome heating system needs to be cleaned in order for the water to heat quickly and uniformly.  Thanks to YouTube I’ve been able to do this each year on our own instead of taking the coach down to a dealership: 

Good week of house progress again as Andres worked on electrical outlets and switches.  The process is pretty straightforward and Andres learns quickly.  He also installed several dimmer switches for us which make the can lights look really nice.  

Ben continues to do really well in his new real estate career & is helping to start a new company in Redding.  He closed another home on Friday and we worked together making some desk/shelves for his new office. 

Lots of really good rain this week, which was majorly needed.  Greened up the grass and plants, making for a pastoral scene in the back field.

Looks like beautiful weather in the week ahead.  Perfect for all the final preparation before we head back to Texas.

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