Prepping for Australia:

August 5th, 2016  Redding CA, 89 degrees, Clear, Wind 5-7mph

Much of our time today is being spent getting ready to fly to Australia to visit our daughter and son in law in Brisbane.  We fly out of Sacramento Saturday at 2:30, layover in L.A. for 8 hours (at the Delta Executive Lounge…nothing like showers on a long layover), then fly overnight, arriving in Brisbane around 7am.

One of the things I love about this place are the cool mornings. The previous owner spent decades planting roses, fruit trees, shrubs…etc. and it is a garden of Eden to this South Texas boy.  This plum tree manages to put out delicious fruit despite the 108 degree temps recently.


Not a bad way to start the day… 65 outside, coffee from my favorite mug (a gift from England from a friend who knows my passion for sailing..Thanks Gregg!) and fresh plums. The plums seem to get sweeter with each day.


Spent the morning prepping the RV for our long absence (3 weeks), cleaning the outside, driving to a local campground to dump and clean the black water tanks.  

Working with my son Ben on the new quartz countertops in the bungalow remodel.  They are turning out great.  We decided to cut and install them ourselves to learn some new things (and get to buy some cool tools too!)  Gluing up the edges and polishing them turned out to be easier than we thought… especially after getting the right tool for the job (a variable speed right angle grinder… with a velcro holding pad for the polishing wheels)  Kinda hard to get smooth results without the base pad we learned!

IMG_3085 IMG_3086.

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