Rain & remodeling in Redding

Order is Devine.  Dennis Prager

A week of good progress on both Ben’s house and our’s here in Redding. Ben and I started framing up the interior walls & met again with the draftsperson who helped us better understand the challenges of working in an earthquake prone area. Things have to be done a little differently here! We were also able to close on the 3.5 acres adjacent to Ben’s house, and get a land clearing crew scheduled to remove the poison oak, trash, brush and small trees. Will be interesting to see how the land looks all cleaned up.

Lots of rain this week and had to do some repair on the tile roof of the Alta Mesa house. Nice thing about tile roofs is that they are relatively easy to remove, repair and replace.
We also had some time to continue forward on the laundry room remodeling mid week… installing the backsplash tile Cindy had found. Really liking the way it accents that wall.
Lots more rain this week, but still beautiful flowers blooming around the house. Cindy picked these from the small courtyard up front.
Also making progress on the kitchen ceiling… getting rid of the old popcorn texture with sparkles. Will definitely not miss looking at that stuff! It looks better now even though it is just raw sheetrock. Will hopefully texture and paint before Emily and David arrive.
Continuing to ramp up the boat shopping and Cindy expressed preference for the guest cabin to have it’s own separate shower (not a “wet head”). That makes it more likely for us to purchase a 48′ to 50′ long boat, which will have more space and comfort, but need more crew to sail. We have historically gravitated toward larger vehicles that have more robust systems… since they are designed for heavier use and tend to give better service (our Allegro Bus for example). This photo caught my eye on a Beneteau 49 for sale named “Dorthy” in South Carolina. It conveys well the idea of friends sharing life and a meal in a beautiful anchorage… the way it should be.

Ben has been gone this weekend for a bachelor get together in Santa Cruz. After raining all weekend, the sun has come out now and I’m going to get outside for a bit and enjoy it. Looking forward to a week of continued progress on both houses, as well as come clearer weather to enjoy being outside. David and Emily arrive on the 20th and the wedding is on the 30th. Lots of planning and preparation for the big day & we are excited for Ben and Bethany to begin their new lives together!

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