Raining in Redding

Wise men and women are always learning, always listening for fresh insights. Pr. 18:15

It seems especially important in this day and age to recognize how little we actually know… how much is spoon fed to us by the media outlets of our choosing, and to be diligent to examine both sides of a disagreement as best as we can.  The reminder in Proverbs to always be learning and listening summarizes this well (and is embossed on my arm bracelet).

Good week of house remodeling progress here in Redding.  Some Redding friends (Tony and Michelle Carter) had dinner with us Saturday night, which was a good excuse to attend to details and cleaning around the house.  Last Sunday we went to Home Depot and found some really pretty outdoor furniture for the courtyard, along with a fire pit.  Later that day Ben and friends (clockwise… Bethany, Aaron, Jesse, David, Sarah, Josh, Alex & Ben) came over to enjoy a perfect outdoor evening.  

Lots of good rain this week which was badly needed for the lakes and reservoirs around here.  Flowers are popping up all over the place now…

Andres worked on door trim and baseboards this week.  Making really good progress and working on auto-pilot for most of the week.  Great to see him develop new skills and confidence in his abilities.  Had our Monday evening dinner on Thursday instead… Hot chili and cornbread on a cold rainy day.  

One of my M-F tasks is to look at our stock investment account and see if it the day was “Green” or “Red”.  The first part of this week was very green, but the later part of the week slowly red.  Lots of FUD in the news this weekend with the new FBI director being fired for lying under oath.  Will see how that all plays out in the news & stock market next week.  My impression is that it will be a good thing once it settles down and stocks will rebound.  Interesting week no matter what.

Had a conversation with the owner of Emerald Sea this week also.  He had the boat under contract and when it fell through he was following up contacting interested parties.  We may go up to Victoria to see her before Easter.  One of my main concerns was the European 220 volt system, but Steve (the owner) responded that he did not see that being an issue except when running the washer/dryer (would need to use the generator then).  Good option for us, even through it is more than we want to spend.  Located in an area we would love to see & a good place to start cruising (We think).  Will probably also try to see some more monohulls in Seattle area in a lower price range to see if there is anything that catches our attention.  Our friends Rich and Wendy Hartson are in Florida this week looking at catamarans also… fun to learn from their search.

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