Weekly recap: Recovering from travel & Using a Boat Search Consultant


Saturday morning, up at 3:33am after collapsing into bed Friday afternoon.  Still physically on Brisbane time after a long 36 hour trip back to CA.  Flights went smooth (with no delays and our luggage arrived with us this time!) My son Ben met us at the Sacramento airport with some Chipotle Mexican food which was a wonderful welcome back.  He had arrived back in the States jus a few days before himself after a visit to England, spending time with Cindy’s family, as well as with his girlfriend Bethany who was there to support a friend swimming across the English channel.   Ben told us there were fewer people who have swum the English Channel than have climbed Mount Everest.  Pretty impressive.

Catching up on some yard work today, trimming bushes and raking up figs.  A gorgeous morning, 70 degrees and sunny.  Always nice to be back in CA where the humidity is low and the sun is shinning.

Planing to “re-up” my consulting agreement today with John Neal of Mahina cruising.  He has a service to give advice (wisdom!) to boat shoppers without the bias of a boat broker.  It is also helpful just to have someone equally dedicated to the search process… forms kind of an incentive to stick with it.

Also ordered a book I’ve been wanting today:

Should be informative and inspiring…



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