Searching in San Diego

“If we paid close attention, we would discover something of great joy and wonder: the restoration of the world played out before us each spring and summer is precisely what God is promising us about our lives.”  John Eldridge, Desire

(If you are looking for our motorhome listing, we have taken it off the market for now)

After finishing the flooring in Redding it was time for a break and we decided to drive down to San Diego and do some boat shopping.  The trip down is a pleasant one, with seemingly endless miles of orchards and vineyards… looking like fresh snow with white almond blossoms.  A beautiful drive.

After about 3 months of not using the motorhome, it was good to be back on the road and get used to the systems again.  Hooking up the tow vehicle caused some delays on Wednesday due to a damaged connector on the Jeep, temporarily fixed with electrical tape.  Thursday was a long drive after an early 7am start, but we arrived with plenty of time to relax in beautiful San Diego.

One of the boats we saw is right next to the RV park at the Chula Vista Marina.  Good to be back near a marina again.  Boats, water, sea gulls, halyards slapping against aluminum masts like wind-chimes… all things that bring back fond memories.

Another plus to the Chula Vista RV park & marina is a pretty good restaurant located an easy walk from here.  Beautiful landscape and views at sunset too.

Friday we saw the 4 catamarans we were interested in, but none that looked interesting enough to make an offer: 

I think the next step for us will be to see some boats in Texas and Florida.  For now we are in no hurry and enjoying the travel that the search brings.  Would be really nice to find a great boat here on the West Coast, but the low inventory seems to make that unlikely.  We did also look at a another monohull (Island Packet 44), but again did not see the value in comparison to a catamaran.

Each boat we see helps to narrow our focus and get a better feel for what may be the best fit for us.  The more information we have, the better decisions we can make.

Saturday we made the tough decision to take our motorhome off the market.  A couple selling their home in San Francisco (Sam and Dona) offered to buy the bus just as we were feeling like we need to keep it for another couple months.  With our plan to travel back to Texas and Florida for a few months, it will be really helpful to have.  The hardest part of that decision seemed to be disappointing Sam and Dona, but they were very gracious and I’m sure they will find another even better alternative.

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