“One of the great barometers for whether or not we are operating from a transformed heart, open to change and in the process of ongoing transformation, is how well we receive criticism.”  Brian Schroller

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Finished up our weekend in San Francisco with a day trip over to Sausalito across the bay.  Impressive views of the Golden Gate bridge from the army base and Coast Guard station.  

Many great memories of sailing in the waters around Angel Island…

The sun came out just as we arrived in Sausalito, making for a beautiful afternoon to stroll downtown.

Interesting paper-like bark on these trees overhanging the sidewalk in Sausalito.

Andres was back at it on Tuesday with taping and floating, getting ready for texture and paint… which was then completed on Wednesday and Thursday.

Still amazed at the flowers that pop up around here, planted by the previous owners.  Beautiful.

We typically do not go out on Valentines evening since it can be so hectic.  Cindy volunteered to fix us all a special dinner of steaks and King Crab, desert was brownies, ice cream and chocolate covered strawberries.  Life is good.

Saturday afternoon was warm (ish) and beautiful outside so I went out to Whiskeytown Lake to enjoy the views.  Drove around the lake on the 4 wheel drive trail which is a beautiful shaded rollercoaster of a drive.  Amazed at how low the lake is right now & hopefully will see some more rain soon!

Bethany and Rosie enjoying the chilly and sunny afternoon by the courtyard fire.

We reduced the list price on the motorhome this week and have seen a significant increase in interest (phone calls and emails).  Not sure it is the price, or just the beginning of the season for buying.

I have also been shopping more intently for catamarans and feel like we are narrowing things down a bit to a 41-47′ owners version Lagoon or Leopard, preferably 2007 or newer.  The Lagoon 450 in Victoria seems like it may already be under contract so we will likely not travel up there to see it.  That boat also had European 220 volt systems, so it may not have been a great choice for us coastal cruising the US anyway.

This next week our focus will be on completing the painting in the new spaces, some electrical, and some flooring.  Great to see the rapid/steady progress and grateful for Andre’s help for sure.  Anxious now to head South and look more seriously at other catamarans (most are in the Fort Lauderdale area it seems).  Hoping to head that way in a few weeks, possibly in the motorhome if it is not already sold.


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