Super Bowl Sunday

But wait… “There’s more: God’s Word warns us of danger and directs us to hidden treasure. Otherwise how will we find our way? Or know when we play the fool?”

Psalm 19:11 MSG

55 degrees, cloudy, 70% chance of rain, wind from the South, 5-10 mph

Spent most of Monday and Tuesday enjoying our last few days with Emily here.  Slower pace with the focus on spending time together.  Had some good family & business discussions as we continue to plan “for the next 3 months”  That has been our general strategy since our current lifestyle is much in flux due to health of parents…etc.  

Case in point, received a text from my sister Debbie on Sunday afternoon that my Mom was taken to the hospital due to dizziness.  Turns out she was dehydrated and anemic but overall OK.  Fortunately the “good kids” were able to be there for her… Kevin and Carol took her to the hospital & Debbie met with doctors & stayed with her most of the night.  Richard and Jon were also able to be there for her.  We are really grateful for Kevin and Carol who bear the bulk of the burden for Mom’s care… staying with her and making her meals.  The continual decline in her memory is more striking when she is outside of her home (like this time at the hospital).

Tuesday night we went to MoonStone Bistro for dinner with Ben & Emily.   Last time to have dinner with just the 4 of us for a while.  

Long day on Wednesday as we drove to San Francisco, had an early dinner at a lobster restaurant near the airport (with its own lobster farm in the back).  We were there a little early & choose to drop Emily off at the airport an hour ahead of time so we could get back to Redding (about 3.5 hour drive).  Turns out that was divine timing since Emilys flight to LAX was delayed & she would have missed her flight to AU later in the day… she was just in time to catch an earlier flight to LAX and made her flight to AU just fine.  Even had the whole row to herself (and no majorly odiferous other passengers this time either).  There is only one guy I know who can arrange things like that!  Thank you Father.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday were spent with remodeling related work.  Thursday Cindy and I drove to Chico (1 hour) to pick up a glass shower door from Lowes ($500 for a really nice solid glass door).  Friday was a fun challenge with the 25 or so plumbing connections to be made to piece together the new shower fixture, diverter valve and hand shower.  Was helpful to lay it all out on a piece of sheetrock before cutting and soldering.  To my very grateful amazement all of the fittings held without leaking when the water pressure was turned back on!  

By end of day on Saturday all of the plumbing, electrical, & floor warming system was roughed in & much of the sheetrock was hung.  I celebrated getting to this phase by doing a little taping and floating before ending the day (I guess that makes me a remodeling geek for sure).  Still grateful to have joy throughout this process and looking forward to moving into the space and putting the RV up for sale.

Today we are having a small group over for the Super Bowl game (15 or so).  Should be fun.  I’m trying to get rid of a head cold & drainage so I might make myself a bit scarce during the party.

This morning Cindy and I were discussing her heading back to Boerne soon.  Her dad has continued to slowly recover and their medical insurance will only pay for another 2 weeks or so of care at the nursing home… then it would cost $300/day (ouch!).  The rough plan right now is for him to move back into the house, with nursing and other caregivers coming there.  This will involve a lot of decisions and planning and it would seem to be a smart time for Cindy to be there for her Mom and Dad.  Other options are being considered like a care facility called The Lodge at Leon Springs for around $3,000/month.  It will all work out OK as we take it one week and one day at a time navigating this very foggy season of life.

Speaking of it all being OK… Cindy and I have been much fixated on the news lately as the Trump administration takes off like a rocket.  From our perspective (and admittedly our news sources) they have been doing a tremendous job of attempting to bring sanity back to Washington.  This view of course is not shared by all, and it is always interesting to see how intelligent people look at the same issues and come to completely different conclusions… usually based on our own experiences, news sources & regional preferences.  It is all going to be OK… right?

Sailing fix today reading an excellent article in Cruising World magazine titled “On Your Own” by Don Street.  Really detailed and well written source of information for cruisers looking for quiet anchorages in the BVI.  Made me think of our BVI trip on a Leopard 48 with the Boerne sailing crew & reliving those memories.  The best adventures are still to come.

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