“It seems to me we can never give up longing and wishing while we are alive.  There are certain things we feel to be beautiful and good, and we must hunger for them.” George Eliot.

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Started off the week on Monday evening with a family dinner that we hope will be a regular event… Ben, & Bethany, Erica & Andres, & Josh all came over for chili and cornbread.  Was fun to share a meal together and discussed the importance of having people in our lives that see things from a different perspective.  It seems like this is critical to keeping a healthy world view, as well as a sense of humility about ones own opinions.


Lots of good teamwork these past 7 days.  Andres and I have been steadily preparing the dining room and study for new texture & paint (removing the old bar, wallpaper, carpet…etc.)  Cindy found us an online supplier of the wood flooring at about 1/2 off what we had been paying locally (at 700 s.f. that adds up to a nice savings).  Light fixtures ordered, new LED can lights being installed…etc. All good progress.

Also made progress this week clearing the view to the barn… Taking down a large tree in the middle of the courtyard that was blocking the view as well as potentially causing root damage to the septic system and concrete patio.  There is something beautiful about a red barn framed by fresh green grass.   Will continue to improve this focal point as we remodel. 

Digital currencies (Bitcoin & others) have been taking a hammering this week… falling rapidly in value.  This volatility is common in the history of bitcoin, but makes for a very interesting ride for a new investor like myself.

In addition, on Thursday and Friday the stock market took the most significant hit for the past 2 years, all over the FUD (Fear Uncertainly & Doubt) of the FBI memo release… really silly, but it is what it is.

As we get the remodeling process closer to a place where we can leave Andres on autopilot, we are looking at taking some short trips to boat shop.  Thinking that it will be best to start looking in our area of the country and then broaden our search based on what we think we would like/need.  Saw this owners version Lagoon 45 catamaran up in Victoria BC and we are thinking we may go up next week to take a look.  She seems to have been meticulously upgraded and maintained… also being located right next to the San Juan Islands where we would like to cruise is a big plus.  

Having the Monday group over for lasagna and cheesecake tomorrow.  Super Bowl today, but quiet here for us.  Next week will be focused on tape, float and texture of the dining and study areas… see where we go from there.  Cindy and Emily talking this week about taking a trip to England to see family there… maybe combining that with a cruise would be a great way to travel.  We feel incredibly blessed to have that kind of freedom and options.  Life is good.


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