“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear” George Adair

Thank God for insulation vacuums! The last 2 weeks have been busy and fulfilling, working with Ben on his new house. The entire attic had old insulation that needed to be removed & we first tried pulling the ceiling down and shoveling it into bags (a huge mess & very unpleasant even with full protective gear). We did sone research and found they make a vacuum especially for blown in attic insulation removal. Ben rented one and then proceeded to vacuum the insulation into these huge vacuum bags that we put in the trailers. There were still ceilings we needed to tear out, but not having to deal with that nasty old stuff falling on your head and blowing around the house was a huge improvement. As with most remodeling, the domino effect takes place and you begin to think “as long as we have this demolition done, we should go ahead and…” Ben has been working incredibly hard and keeping a great attitude about the challenges and setbacks. I think this whole process with continue to be an incredibly valuable learning and character building experience. Happy to be a small part of it with him.

It has been nice to have a warm fireplace in the house on the cold winter days we have had recently. Cindy has been helping the remodeling process by bringing lunch (much appreciated!)
Suited up for insulation removal… respirators, gloves, and disposable suit. Not sure what is in the old insulation, but we are treating it like it with an abundance of caution.
Working in the attic is much easier when the old insulation and ceiling have been removed.
At the end of a hard days work, we pause and remind ourselves why we are doing this… admiring the gorgeous views out back. The McConnell foundation walking trails are an incredible treasure. Note the old piles of trash on the left and the old shed… all to be removed.
BEFORE: (The current front of house is very plain… which makes it easier to change and make beautiful)
Ben and Beth really like this remodel done by Chip and Joanna Gaines from Waco Texas. This simple gable would make the entire home look so much better.
Not a bad view for the drive to “work”. Each morning I take the slightly longer route along Shasta View drive. Appropriately named for the inspiring view of Shasta mountain. I think this road is one of the prettiest in Redding.
After Ben and Beth closed on their house we decided to increase our offer for the surrounding property (3.8 acres), and it was accepted by the sellers. We have 30 days before closing to research options for the property and discover any limitations, but ultimately it feels like an investment in our children and grandchildren’s future. Providing them with a safe area around the house to play and explore.
Meanwhile, back at the Alta Mesa house, making steady progress on the laundry room remodel by installing the new sink and fixture Cindy found. Really impressed with the Kraus brand of stainless steel sinks. Final plumbing, countertop detailing and then backsplash tiling are next.
Meanwhile, back in Australia… Emily and David took a mini vacation to the coast for a few days. Warm weather and beaches sounds pretty inviting on cold wet days.

Should be a busy week as we host a Super Bowl get together today (Sunday) and then an engagement party on Monday, followed by continued Tidmore house remodeling and property evaluation. Cindy and I also head to Miami on the 13th for the Miami Boat show which should be a lot of fun. Continuing to shop for a sailboat that would be a comfortable live aboard (98% use) as well as capable for offshore passages (2% use). Would prefer to find something on the West Coast for now, but love the warmth and options on the East Coast. Saw this Perry catamaran for sale in CA that looks pretty interesting. Grateful for good health and resources to build, remodel… and explore.

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