The week the world changed…

“There are certain important things that we must do in order for the future to be good”. Elon Musk

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I think this past Tuesday was a day that changed the future… a milestone in space exploration and development.   The successful test launch of Falcon Heavy was as significant to transportation as going from a horse drawn wagon to a semi truck.  It will be very interesting to see the impact of this new era on mankind and the rapid development of outer-space. 

Watching the 2 side booster rockets land back on the ground was just incredible…

Monday evening we continued our new tradition of family dinner with Andres & Erica and Ben & Bethany.  Cindy made her lasagna and Erica brought her home made cheesecake.  Very good stuff!

Andres worked on taping and floating the dining room and study mostly on autopilot this week.  It has been rewarding to see the steady progress and hopefully texturing and painting will start this week, followed by the new wood flooring shortly after.

A roller coaster of a week in the stock market as well as digital currency markets… the biggest one day drop in stock market history made for a tough few days.  End of the week saw a small rebound & hopefully will continue into this next week.

Mornings in the mid forties and afternoons in the low 70’s this week.  Beautiful in Redding with flowers and trees blooming….

We enjoyed visiting the new Moseley Family Cellars wine tasting room on Wednesday afternoon and were hosted by Alec, one of Ben’s former roommates.

Cindy and I have both been itching for a change of pace & place, so we decided to take a quick trip down to San Francisco and look at some boats.  Staying in the new Hyatt Place in Emeryville near where we kept our previous boat. Beautiful sunsets looking at San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate bridge in the background. 

We looked at several monohulls on Friday… a 2004 Hunter 50 (too bulky and dated), a 2015 Catalina 445 (nice but $$), a 2017 Catalina 42 (nice but small), a 2000 Catalina 47 (not appealing), and ended the day on a 2015 Lagoon 45 catamaran with the owners layout.  What a contrast between the monohulls and the catamaran in terms of the space and comfort for guests… as well as the prices.  Saturday we visited with Wayne Goldman at the Emeryville marina & looked at a 2004 Hunter 46 which also did not stir up any excitement.  Ran into Marty and Linny Martinson on the docks at Emeryville marina (sailing and yacht club friends) and had a nice visit.  Then looked at a 2008 Beneteau 49 that had a 2 cabin layout which was very nice.  The boat was really well maintained and upgraded and of all the monohulls we saw seemed to be a possibility… but still no spark… no feeling of “this could be the boat for us”.

From a logical perspective it seems obvious that a catamaran would be better suited to living on board and hosting guests.  From a financial perspective it would be easier to pull the trigger on a less costly monohull.  Wayne’s advice was to not buy a “stopgap” monohull if we thought we would purchase a catamaran in the near future.  Just because of the expenses of buying and then also when reselling.

Saturday afternoon we walked down to IKEA and then to PF Changs for an early dinner.  Asking ourselves questions like “what would our schedule look like if we owned a boat this next year?” was one way to see how we are envisioning the use of the boat.  I think Cindy would prefer a boat that would be comfortable to live aboard (space & amenities) while still having the financial freedom to fly once a month or so and visit family in CA, TX or Australia.  We both would look forward to being around the water, seeing new places, making new friends, hosting family and friends on board, and the healthier lifestyle that being active and living on board seems to create.

It has been a good weekend, seeing familiar sights and enjoying our favorite restaurants (Townhouse Bar & Grill, Doyle Street Cafe, and the quirky Rudy’s Can’t Fail Cafe).At the end of the day, we are can’t loose sight of how fortunate we are to have the “luxury problem” of if we should buy and boat, and if so, what kind.  Oddly, having financial freedom does not automatically make the decision easy.  Thankful for good health, healthy families and grateful for His continued extravagant blessings each day.


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