The Rubik’s cube of decisions…

Decision fatigue – Wikipedia

In decision making and psychology, decision fatigue refers to the deteriorating quality of decisions made by an individual after a long session of decision making. It is now understood as one of the causes of irrational trade-offs in decision making.

While we have been enjoying seeing family & friends and catching up this week, we have also been experiencing some “decision fatigue” (an actual thing according to Wikipedia 🙂  At times it is like looking at a Rubik’s cube and trying to visualize all the options and how they might come together in one beautiful way.  Some of the major decisions/events this week:
– Where to have repairs on bus completed (S.A. or at factory in Red Bay Alabama),
– How much to budget for the repairs (get insurance estimate)
– How much time repairs will take & when can they be started (visit with repair shops)
– Should we bother setting up an RV site at Boerne Boat & RV if we will not be in the RV very long.
– House shopping for possibly another home in Texas.
– Boat shopping (always).
– Shopping for a 2nd vehicle to use while here in Texas (car, truck, jeep, Tesla?)
– Selling stock and moving funds to prepare for a very large IRS check due this month…
After a while it gets tiring trying to make that many choices, realizing that each one has a significant impact on others.
Fortunately John and Darla Stone have been incredibly gracious and offered to loan us their home in Fair Oaks again so we moved out of the bus for about 3 weeks.  This should give time for the RV repair places to finalize their bids and us to decide where to put the coach.  We decided the 4 days of driving back and forth to the Tiffin factory did not sound attractive just now.
Part of the week was also spent on maintenance of the bus, replacing 6 batteries which allow us to dry camp longer without running the generator as often.  Really enjoyed being at Boerne Boat & RV and continuing to see Jon’s crews knock out major work on the new buildings and concrete work. 
Our friend Cody Hess has been killing it building a really impressive barn on his property.  Enjoyed visiting with him and his dad Tuesday as they were putting on the final touches. 
Also enjoyed spending time with Rich Hartson installing his new Hobie 18 sails made to look like a Texas Flag.  Can’t wait to get them on the water.
 Ended up the week hanging out with the whole sailing crew from our BVI charter: Rich and Wendy Hartson, Philip and Diane Czar, Cody and Alissa Hess & Brayden Hartson too.  Good times catching up and sharing memories around a fire on a cool night.  Life is good.  
Next few weeks we will try to slow down a little and just enjoy being with family and friends.  Will be good to spend time in the Stones house and see what it might be like to own a home here again… and will continue to make progress on some decisions, count our blessings, and give thanks to our extravagantly good Father.

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