Wedding Prep and Family Time

“The adventure calls. The future awaits. How you handle your heart’s desire will in great measure determine what becomes of your life.” John Eldredge, Desire.

It has been a great couple of weeks working on the houses, hanging out and getting ready for Ben and Beth’s wedding on the 30th. Going to be a busy & fun week ahead.

Lots of rain and snowmelt over the past few weeks made for rivers out of their banks and flooded bike trails. Just felt good to be outside again after all the messy weather.
Always enjoy the Saturday ride with the Pedego group!
Checking in with Cindy for Saturday brunch plans after the group ride. Something of a tradition for us.
Nice weather also an excuse to enjoy the Happy Hour at View 202 restaurant!
Felt good to take the covers off the patio furniture and sit outside finally.
Ben & Beth’s friends over for dinner and hangout around the courtyard bonfire. Life is good.
Early morning sunrise through the living room windows, getting ready to finish up some framing on Ben’s house.
Spring is beginning and the peach trees in the back yard are starting to bloom.
David and Emily arrived on the 21st! So good to hug them again and spend time together around the family dinner table (built by Ben, David and myself using lumber from the old barn floor in the backyard).
Emily’s friends Jessica and Alex have been doing a fantastic job taking care of the landscaping and recently reworked the tree circles in the front yard.
The Tucker boys started clearing the property around Ben’s Dakota house, hauling off tons of poison oak and brush. So good to begin to see the property cleaned and opened up.
Also this week, made a small investment in HyperSciences group who is doing some pretty amazing things with hypervelocity equipment to change drilling, mining, and space flight. Very cool stuff.

A full week ahead as family comes in town on Thursday and we all head down to Napa valley area for the wedding. Going to be a fun time.

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