Weekly recap: Bungalow remodel and boat search update

Sunday morning, 75 degrees, clear skies, breeze 3-5mph here in Redding CA

Fires off to the North this week as is common during the summer dry season.  Seems like they are under control, but always a surprise to see a large plume of white smoke rising close by.

Another productive week here working on the bungalow remodel.  New goal is to have the space completed by this Friday Sept. 16th and then travel back to Texas in the motorhome starting Saturday the 17th.  Ben and I have been working on cabinetry and painting for much of the week.  It’s fun to see the rapid progress and anticipate getting the project completed.

Ben working on bedside shelves for the bungalow.

Ben working on bedside shelves for the bungalow.

Part of the upper cabinetry for the bungalow kitchen.

Part of the upper cabinetry for the bungalow kitchen.

Mid week we pulled the trigger on selecting Phil Berman and his team at The Multihull Company (see previous post) to help search for and advise on the catamaran search.  The initial goal will be to identify 3 best boats that seem to fit our needs for space, comfort & performance.  Then search diligently for the best value in that group.  What we think we know so far is: Length 40-45′, owners version, Lagoon, Leopard, or FP.  All of these brands have a relatively large resale market, and the owners version has a particularly high resale demand.  None of these are “performance” sailing boats, but seem like they would fit our idea of buying it for the 90% use.  A big part of our trip to the Annapolis Boat Show will be to get a better idea of the space we think we can live with.  Most catamarans have much larger living areas than our current motorhome, so it would be nice if we could find a smaller cat with a decent galley and entertaining area.

The advantages to a smaller catamaran like that would be: lower cost to purchase, lower cost to maintain, lower mast height to allow for inter coastal waterway bridge clearance, shallower draft for anchorages…etc.  The disadvantages could be: less likely to have large galley, not as comfortable for live aboard (not likely to have a washing machine for example).  One listing Phil sent us to consider was a 2011 50′ Lagoon 500 that is really more than what we want to spend, but would seem to be very comfortable to live on board.  Lots of galley space, dishwasher, washing machine, AC…etc.  Does not seem like it would be wise at this time, but I would not want to cross it off the list just yet.

2011 50' Lagoon 500

2011 50′ Lagoon 500

Dinner at The View 202 last night with our Redding friends Jeff and Michelle Garner, and Tony and Michelle Carter.  Good to share life with friends!




  • Anonymous September 13, 2016 at 10:04 am

    Love reading these!

  • - Em September 13, 2016 at 10:05 am

    – Em

    • rexjennings September 13, 2016 at 12:18 pm

      It’s been fun to write about the process and at the same time have a diary to look back on the in future and enjoy the memories again and again. Hopefully the boat search process will also help others who are/will going through the same journey. Love you Em.

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